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Graphic Design

The process of organizing and composing words and images to create a message.


The plan an artist uses to organize a composition.


Pictures that stand for words.

Illuminated Manuscripts

Hand-lettered books illustrated with brightly painted images, usually associated with the eleventh through fourteenth centuries.

Moveable Type

Durable metal type invented by Johann Gutenberg, made from a combination of lead, tin, and antimony.


A technique in which a design is incised in a plate of metal, wood, or plastic. A print is then made from the plate.

Camera Obscura

A small box with a lens on one side with which early photographs were taken.

Graphic Designers

Visual communicators who create messages to inform or persuade you, to help you make choices

Gutenberg Press

This press used metal letters set in individual blocks

Linotype Machine

Steam powered printing press

Design steps

Identify, research, brainstorm, present ideas, develop revised comprehensives, create final files

What is the purpose of graphic design?

To communicate messages to people that inform, persuade, or entertain.

What makes an effective graphic design?

It gets its message clearly across to viewers, catches attention and creates an interest in the product or message

What makes a book or magazine cover effective?

The title and the combination of words and pictures help explain what's inside.

What makes a logo appealing and eye-catching?

Streamlined, simple and purposeful use of color.

How does the package design of a product make a difference in its overall sales?

Graphics and images make a product more appealing to the target market

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