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notice how the sand is unevenly distributed around the man-made structures, called groins (and sometimes referred to as jetties), that are pointing out into the water. Specifically, there is more sand on the right side of each and less sand on the left side. Based on that, which direction is the longshore current flowing?
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In an area of tension, normal faults will be produced and _____NOT horsts will be upthrown with the normal faults dipping towards each otherThe image above is from Croatia a) what is shown in the image? b) this feature has a ____ geologic lifespanNOT oxbow lake; longWhich of the following is true about a stratovolcano or composite volcanoNOT the volcano erupted quietly and is composed of alternating layers of pyroclastic fragments and solidified lava flowsthe feature above would be found ______ and would have a _____NOT near the mouth og a river, high gradientthe above photo from 2006 shows aNOT pyroclastic fallthe type of volcano shown above is mostly made ofNOT lavadiamonds are often found when ____ weather awayNOT mantle plumes of ultramafic rockIn 79 AD, this city in Italy was destroyed by _______ and the residents died _____NOT a lava flow, slowlythe area in brown on the map above is from lava that erupted from a ____ and created a _____ which often covers a very large area of landNOT volcano, plataeu basaltthe opening in the rock allows you to see inside a _____NOT lava flowthe pictures above show what kind of topography and what kind of rock would you expect to find the in the topography found in the above iamge?NOT Karst, sandstonethe islands in the Hawaiian chain are compromised of _____ that formed over a ______NOT stratovolcanoes, fissureafter a volcanic eruption, the rooftops in the image above collapsed from_____NOT pyroclastic flowThe well in the photos above provides free drinking water to anyone in this city in washington state. the well is a/anNOT pumped wellwhich of the following is most likely true about the volcano aboveNOT it is composed of intermediate rockswhen planning for gold or silver, you are looking for a ____. Within a stream you should look ________.NOT placer deposit, on the down stream side of a beaver damthe water in the image above shows where a _____ exists and this is good indication of where the _____ is locatedNOT capillary, water table______ is weathered unconsolidated material on top of solid bedrock?NOT dirta stream can increase its length by building a delta, meandering, or by the ______ erosion seen aboveNOT verticalin the image above, the property used to tell the difference between the minerals that are being held in the hands versus the minerals on the table is ____NOT hardnessa rock with angular pebble-sized particles, like a breccia, has grains that probably traveled ____NOT in a mountain streamthe minerals (fluorine, halite, calcite) in the image above show a physical property that is caused by _____NOT crystal habitIn the image above, the plates are moving in opposite directions ______NOT at subduction zoneschalk forms from ____NOT evaporation of magnesium rich watersmagma rises towards the earth's surface _______NOT because it is hotwhich of the following changes may occur during metamorphismNOT the rock becomes more compactThe image above is from the Grand Canyon in Arizona. The rocks in hte canyon have the oldest rock at the bottom and the youngest rock at the top. The sequence near the bottom of the picture shows the Tapeats Sandstone being overlain by the Bright Angel Shale....with the Kaibab Limestone on top shows _______NOT a transgressive sequence where sea level was fallinghow did this igneous rock formNOT it cooled rapidly in the presence of waterthe layers seen in this metamorphic rock are called ___NOT beddinga feature found in some metamorphic rocks where the minerals are aligned parallel to each other is called ____. The minerals in these metamorphic rocks are _____ to the applied stress.NOT foliation, parallelthe igneous rock above is the most abundant type of rock in ocean crust. It is ____ and has a composition known as ___NOT basalt, aphaniticWhich statement best describes the process that is illustrated in the image abovethe oceanic lithosphere is subducting underneath the continental lithospherethis metamorphic rock is _____NOT partly igneous