Chapter 16: Socioemotional Development in Middle Adulthood

What need does generativity fulfill in adults?
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Scott is a middle-aged adult who is described as responsible, disciplined, task oriented, and planful. He has planned out his life and has worked hard to achieve the goals he has set for himself. Everyone at his workplace knows they can count on him when needed. Which of the Big 5 personality traits is Scott high in?
Which statement accurately reflects the research findings on divorce?Women are more likely than men to initiate divorce.Which type of parenting style is most likely to result in parents adjusting well to their children's transition to independent living and the resulting empty nest?Authoritative parents.What is the term used for a value that mandates that the family comes before all else and that family members have a duty to care for one another, regardless of the problem or situation, whether personal, financial, or legal?Familism.Which of the following is not a reason that career advancement is associated with an increase in job satisfaction during middle adulthood?Midlife adults are more likely than younger adults to base their self-esteem on their job success.What percentage of adults report planning for retirement?50%Generativity increases from the 30s through the 60s in adults of all ethnicities and socioeconomic backgrounds.TrueIn middle adulthood, adults tend to differentiate from their younger selves and identify with their current view of self.FalseOlder middle-aged adults tend to be more autonomous, less concerned with the evaluations and expectations of others, and more concerned with living up to self-chosen ideals and standards than are younger adults.TrueThe Big 5 personality traits have a genetic basis.TrueMiddle-aged adults who remain single tend to live longer and be happier and healthier than married people.False