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muscle of canine, equine, feline, bovine


midventral line from xiphoid cartilage to scrotum/vulva

scapular cartilage

dorsal border

glenoid cavity

articulates with head of humerus


articular end


located on scapula

tuber spinae

rough edge to spine distally

supraspinious fossa

cranial to spine of scapula

common integument

thin epithelium

infraspinous fossa

caudal to spine

serrated face

proximal/cranil square

subscapular fossa

costal surface of spine

scapular notch

cranial border

infraglenoid tubercle

arises at teres minor/long head of triceps


outer thin epithelium

supraglenoid tubercle

cranial part of glenoid cavity

coracoid process

medial inclination on supraglenoid tubercle


between dorsal margin of scapular cartilage/shoulder joint




caudal medially

intertubercular groove

cranila end of articular area

point of shoulder

cranial part of greater tubercle of humerus

greater tubercle

craniolateral proximal extremity cranial/caudal parts

intermediate tubercle

proximal extremity between greater/lesser tubercle

lesser tubercle

medial proximal humerus caudal to intertubercular groove



crest of the greater tubercle

craniomedial direction, cranil border of bone

deltoid tuberosity

lateral surface of humerus

tricipital line

deltoid tuberosity to caudal of humerus

tuberosity of teres

adjacent to proximal extriminty of tricipital line

brachialis groove

lateral surface of body, spiral

lateral supracondylar crest

distal to brachialis groove

crest of lesser tubercle

proximal end medial surface

teres major tuberosity

distal to crest of lesser tubercle, medial side

humeral condyle

distal end of humerus


medial, articulates with ulna/radius

lateral epicondlye

distolateral end if humerus proximal to capitulum

medial epicondyle

distomedial end of humerus proximla to trochlea

olecranon fossa

excavation of caudal part of humeral condyle

radial fossa

cranial surface of humeral condyle


antebrachium, medial crosses ulna proximal end obliquely


despressed articular surface

fovea capitis

articulates capitulum/trochlea

radial tuberosity

distal to neck, medial border of bone



carpal articular surface

articular surface

medial styloid process


lateral groove

cranial surface common digital extensor tendon

middle groove

cranial surface extensor carpi radialis tendon

medial groove

abductor pollicus longus

styloid process

lateral digital extensor tendon


caudal part of forearm

trochlear notch

articulates with trochlea of humerus

olecranon/point of elbow

proximal extremity

anconeal process

proximal end of olecranon fits in olecranon fossa

medial coronoid process

distal end of trochlear notch articulates with radius humerus

lateral coronoid process

distal end of trochlear notch articulates with radius humerus


between antbrachium/metacarpus

radial carpal

largest, medial side articulates radius

intermediate carpal


ulnar carpal

lateral member of proximal row

accessory carpal

palmar member articulates with styloid process/ulna, ulnar carpal

carpal bones

1/5 may be absent





metacarpal 2/splint bone

button splint medial

metacarpal 3/cannon bone

metacarpal tuberosity

metacarpal 4/splint bone

button splint lateral


metacarpophalangeal/metacarpophalangeal joint, ankle


3rd only

proximal phalanx/long pasture


proximal tubercle

proximal to long pasture

distal tubercle

distal to long pasture

proximal sesamoid bones

interosseous tendon palmar surface metacarpophalnageal joint

distal sesamoid bones/navicular bone

common digital extensor over metacarpophalnageal joint

middle phalanx/short pasture


pasturn joint

betwene P1/P2

distal phalanx/coffin bone


coffin joint

between P2/P3

extensor process

common digital extensor digit inserted

flexor surface

insertion of ddf

ungual cartilages/collateral cartilage


semilunar canal/solear canal



horny growth on medial surface of limb proximal to carpus


horny material palmar/plantar surface of fetlock, in hair

coronet/coronary band

junction between skin and hoof


underlying thicker layer of CT

thoracic mammae


abdominal mammae


inguinal mammae




costal arch

cartilage of 10/11/12 ribs, caudal border

areolear tissue

loose irregular CT, contains fat


denser thin layer of CT

superficial fascia

deep to aerolear tissue

deep fascia

firmly attached to muscle


bone to muscle


bone to bone


sheetlike tendon

cutaneous trunci m.

dorsal/laterla/ventral walls of thorax/abdomen

lateral thoracic n.

cutaneous trunci twitch effect

preputial m.

caudal radiates in prepuce supports cranial end of prepuce during/after urination

extrinsic m.

limb to axial skeleton

intrinsic m.

bones that compose limb itself

superficial pectoral muscles

under skin between cranila part o sternum/humerus

descending pectoral m.

superficial to transverse pectoral muscle

transverse pectoral m.

deep surface to deep pectoral muscle 2/3 sternebrae whole crest of greater tubecle of humerus abduct limb when not bearing weight/no abduction w/o weight

deep pectoral m.

ventral of sternum/deep abdominal fascia xiphoid cartilage lesser tubercle of humerus, aponeurous to greater tubercle/crest caudal part of medial brachial fascia supporting weight pull trunk cranially, not supporting wieght abduct limb flex shoulder


overlies head/neck

brachiocephalicus m.

arm to head to neck clavicular intersection celdiobrachialis m. distal craninal border humerus/ cervical part of clediocephalicus m. nuchal crest occipital bone/mastoid clediocephalicus m. mastoid of temporal bone/sternomastoideus no weight abduct limb extend should joint/weight draw neck to head side

clavicular intersection

shoulder faint line deep surface


deep surface vestigle

clediocephalicus m.

brachiocephalicus m. distal to clavicular intersection humerus

clediobrachialis m.

brachiocephalicus m. clavicular tendon neck to head

sternocephalicus m.

sternum to head 1st sternebrae mastoid of temporal bone skull/nuchal crest occipital bone skull unilateral draw head/neck to side, bilateral ventroflexion

external jugular v.

corsses lateral surface of sternocephalicus m.

sternohyoideus m.

lies on trachea 1st cosatl cartilage basihyoid bone pull tongue/larynx caudally

sternothroideus m.

lateral of thyroid cartilage 1st cosatl cartilage caudallateral surface thyroid cartilage pull tongue/larynx caudally

omotransversairus m.

deeper than cleidocephalicus m. distial 3rd spine of scapula/wing of atlas no weight flex limb/weight flex neck laterally

subscapularis m.

between supraspinatus teres major muscle adduction of shoulder stabalized medially

superficial cervical lymph nodes

cranial to scapula

deep fascia of neck

wrapping extends sternocephalicus/omotransversarius/cleidocephalicus m.s, covers sternohyoideus/sternothroideus ventrally, srround trachea, thyroid gland larynx,

carotid sheath

covered by deep fascia, tracheal lympathic trunk covers carotid artery

carotid artery

covered by deep fascia/carotid sheath

vagosympathetic nerve trunk

connected to carotid artery

supraspinous ligament

dorsal aspect of all vertebral dorsal spinous process except cervical vertebrae

nuchal ligament

extends from spine of 1st throacic veretebrae to spine of axis

median raphe

septum between R/L epaxial m. dorsal to nuchal ligament

trapezius m

cervical/thoracic parts seperated by aponeurosis median raphe of neck/suprapspinous ligament 3rd cervical vertebrae/9th thoracic vertebrae spine of scapula elevate/abduct limb

rhomboideus m.

beneath trapezius holds dorsal border of scapula to body nuchal crest of occipital bone/median raphe of neck/spinous process of 1st 7 thoracic vertebrae dorsal border/adjacent surface of scapula elevate forelimb/ scapula against trunk

latissimus dorsi m.

caudal to scapula/ cover most dorsal/lateral throcic wall thoracolumbar fascia spinous process of lumbar/ last 7/8 thoracic vertebrae/m. attachment to last 2/3 ribs tere major tuberosity humerus/ teres major tendon no weight limb caudually digging, flex shoulder

thoracolumbar fascia

deep fascia trunk supraspinous ligament/spines of thoracic/lumbar vertebrae fuses with opposite fasica linea alba covers m. of vertebrae/ribs/abdomen

linea alba

ventral midline median fiberous raphe

serratus ventralis m.

cervical/thoracic parts transverse process of last 5 cervical vertebrae/ 1st 7/8 ribs ventral to middle dorsomedial third of scapula/serrated face support trunk against gravity

deltoideus m.

2 portions fused/act on common across shoulder spine/acromial process of scapula deltoid tuberosity flex shoulder

infraspinatus m.

infraspinous fossa circumscribed area on lateral of great tubercle humerus extend/flex joint, abduct shoulder, rotate arm laterally, stability to joint

teres minor m.

wedged shaped infraglenoid tubercle/distal 3rd of caudal border scapula teres minor tuberosity humerus flex should roate arm laterally

supraspinatus m.

covered by cervical part of trapezius/omotrasnversarius m. supraspinous fossa greater tubercle of humerus by thick tendon extend/stabale shoulder joint

subscapularis m.

subscapular fossa lesser tubercle of humerus adduct/extend medially stabilize shoulder joint/ rotate arm medially

teres major m.

caudal angle/caudal border of scapula, caudla angle of subscapulairus teres major tuberosity humerus flex shoulder/roate arm medially

coracobrachialis m.

coracoid proces of scapula crest of lesser tubercle humerus proximal teres major tuberosity adduct/extend.stabalize shoulder joint/proprioceptive

tensor fascia antebrachii m.

straplike fascia covering lateral of latissmus dorsi m. olecranon extend elbow

triceps brachii m.

4heads long/lateral/accessory/medial heads

long head

caudal border scapula olecranon tuber extend elbow flex shoulder

lateral head

tricipital line humerus olecranon tuber extend elbow

accessory head

neck of humerus olecranon tuber extend elbow

medial head

crest of lesser tubercle teres major tuberosity olecranon extend elbow

anconeus m.

lateral supracondylar crest lateral/mideal condyles lateral surface proximal end ulna extend elbow proprioception

biceps brachii m.

supraglenoid tubercle ulnar/radial tuberosities flex elbow extend shoulder

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