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1.The land was in ruins 2.Confederate money was worthless 3.Banks were runied 4.No law or authority 5.The souths transportation system was in complete disorder. 6.Loss of enslaved workers,worth two billion dollars. 7.Government at all levels, had dissapeared
1.The land was in ruins
2.Confederate money was worthless
3.Banks were runied
4.No law or authority
5.The souths transportation system was in complete disorder.
6.Loss of enslaved workers,worth two billion dollars.
7.Government at all levels, had dissapeared
Many southerners were facing starvation after civil war

The farmland was scarred and baren

The harvest was well below normal

many animals were killed for food or ran away

Food prices remained high
Distributing Food
Was hard beacuse the union destroyed most of the railroads
Reconstruction(lasted for,when)
Lincoln's Reconstruction Plan
Also known as 10% plan.

southerners had to accept ban on slavery

southerners also had to take a loyalty oath to the united states

when 10% of voters in the 1860 election did this, the state could be readmitted to the union

Lincoln wanted to reunite the nation as quickly and painlessly as possible
Wade Davis Bill
Many senators thought lincoln's 10% plan was too lenient so senators came up with the wade davis

only southerners who swore that they never supported the confederacy may vote or hold office

Required a majority(51%) of adult males who had voted in the 1860 election to be readmitted

Lincoln refused to sign the bill
Made slavery illegal throughout the United States
Changes by AA
After emancipation many couples were legally married

AA insisted on being called MR. AND MRS.

Family members who were split up, went to look for each other

AA traveled to new places to start fresh

AA wanted their own land to farm

AA started to form their own church congregations
Education was important issues for AA because AA wanted to be able to read the bible and understand their rights.

white southerners thought that AA should not be educated, white southerners were afraid AA would become too smart.

Laws against educating slaves meant that most could not read or write
April 14 1865
Abrham Lincoln was assasinated by John Wilkes Booth at fords theatre in Washington D.C
Andrew Johnson
Had only been lincoln's vice president for 6 weeks before Aberham Lincoln was assasinated-johnson became president
Black codes
Laws passed by the southern states that grealty limited the the freedom of AA

Forced AA to work on farms , or as servants

Required them to sign labor contracts that recreated conditions similar to those under slavery

Any AA that could not prove they were employed could be arrested and punished with one year of work without pay

Black Codes prevented AA from owning guns,holding public meetings or renting property in the cities.
Johnson's reconstruction Plan
AKA Presidential Restoration Plan

Similar to Lincoln's 10% Plan

Gave amnesty to all southerners who pledged an oath of loyalty and promised to the abolition of slavery

He also returned all property except slaves to southerners who received amnesty
Most republicans were moderates who wanted the south to have loyal state governments

also believed that AA should receive same rights as citizens.
Radical Republicans
Wanted the south to change much more than it had before they could return to the union

Radical Republicans wanted the federal government to be much more involved in reconstruction
Presidnet Johnson
Believed that the freedmans bearu, was unconstitutuional

He beleived that AA did not need any special assistance
Civil rights Act of 1866
Provided AA with the same legal rights as white Americans

Johnson veto'd this because he beleived it gave it to much power to the federal government.

President Johnson rejected the idea of giving equal rights to AA as well as white people
Guranteed Citizenship and equal protection under the law to all people born or naturlized in the united states, except native Americans
Reconstruction Acts
Divided the south into 5 districts

It also required all southern states to create new state constitutions supporting the 14th ammendment before they can be readmitted to the the Union
Tenure of Office Acts
Was passed by radicals in congress

It required senate approval for the presdent to remove any government official whose appointment had required its consent

Johnson defeated this act by firing the secretary of war.
Is the process of bringing charged of wrongdoing against a public official

After a person is impeached, their is a trial in the senate

2/3 MAJORITY is required to impeach a president

Johnson found innocent by one vote
1868 election
Won by republican U.S grant, this is because thousands of AA voted for "the party of Lincoln"
Gave AA men right to vote
AA voted into office
600 AA were voted into the state legislature during reconstruction, and 16 AA into united states congress
Reconstruction Government
The first state funded school system in the south

Started new hospitals, prisons and orphanages

Laws prohibting descriminations against AA

Repairing and building of railroads,bridges and public buildings
White southerners
Democrats claimed that the reconstruction

Governments were corrupt and illegal

white southerners disliked having federal soldiers their state

white southerners dissaproved of AA officeholders
Were a secret group of white southerners who tried to keep blacks form voting

used violence and terror to get their way

Was founded by General Nathan Bedford Forrest

Had to be a WASP to join
W- White
A- Anglo
S- Saxon
P- Protestant
General Amnesty Act of 1872
Allowed fomer confederates,except those of high rank to hold public office.
Civil Rights act of 1875
Gurantteed African Americans equal rights in public places,such as theatres and public transportation
Compromise of 1877
Neither Sam Tilden or Rutherford Hayes received enough electoral votes to win the election so it went to the united states congress
Were powerful southern democrats who limited the rights of AA
Jim Crow Laws
Laws that required segregation that were common in the southern states ,beginning in the 1800's
Poll Tax
Was set up by the redeemers

It was a special poll tax that people had to pay before they could vote

This was to stop AA men from voting
Plessy VS. Ferguson
The supreme court decided that it was legal to force AA and whites to use seperate facilities,as long as the facilities were of equal quality

this was called "seperate but equal"
The new south
Many southerners wanted to created was to build textile mills and other factories ,so that their economy would improve

The tectile mills would produce cotton fabric

Many mills would not hire AA though
mills (info)
worked 12 hours a day
6 days a week
cotton, dust and lint filtered the air
Unhealthy air caused asthma and Brown-lung disease
Fast machinery caused injuries or death
Low wages
Mark Twain
Was one of the most famous writers in the south

Wrote adventures of Tom Sawyer
Southern Songs
One of the most important types of songs was spiritual, which was based on christan Hymes and African music sung during slavery
Souths most important cash crop