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What size nitrous tank do we use at SJVC?
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O2 is compressed into the cylinder as what ?a gasPressure gauge on the O2 will drop how to the level of gas remaining ?proportionatelyA full cylinder of O2 will read at _____ psi and will drop proportional to the amount remaining.2000When the O2 runs out what happens to the N2O ?automatically shuts downTo turn off the flowmeter how do you turn the knob ?righty tighty/clockwiseTo turn on the flowmeter how do you turn the knob?lefty loosry/counter-clockwiseWhat is a flowmeter ?controls the flow of gases with knobsWhat assists clinician in monitoring patients respiration ?Reservoir bagsWhen this is activated it delivers 100% oxygen at a rapid flow rate?flush valveWhat connects to the nasal hood and brings gas to the patient ?Conduction tubingWhat is a mandatory requirement when giving nitrous ?Scavenging systemWhat is a scavenging system ?as the patient exhales, secondary tubing collects expired air and evacuates it through suctionWhen the machine is turned on with tank open, it is designed to always deliver a minimum of _____ oxygen at all times! This is to insure the patient is breathing at least the amount found in ambient air (21%)30%Nitrous will never exceed what ?70%Relaxed, comfortable, aware of surroundings is what stage of anesthesia ?Stage 1Patient feeling slight tingling, body warmth, and body weight changes is usually in what stage of anesthesia ?Stage 1Patients body is not rigid, eyes are glazed, smiles come easily is what stage of anesthesia?Stage 1It is important that the clinician can see and monitor language, facial expressions, and eye movement when administrating nitrous T/FTrueOver sedation is usually occurring due to what ?clinician error"Out of body experience", floating feeling, inability to move, slurs words, dream like state, hallucinations is what stage of anesthesia ?Stage 2At what stage do patients normally proclaim their experience with nitrous was unpleasant and they do not want it again?Stage 2What is the best stage of anesthesia to keep our patient in ?Stage 1Drowsiness, dizziness, nausea, uncomfortable body warmth, laughing uncontrollably and vomiting is what stage of anesthesia?Stage 2_____ may occur including aspiration to lungs and is life threatinging?Silent RegurgitationIf patient is unconscious intentionally for a surgical setting what stage of anesthesia is this ?Stage 3Stage three is possible to happen in a dental setting if the patient isn't being monitored correctly. T/FTrueWhat is the purposes of titration ?achieves desired level of n2o incrementallyWhat types of patients do we want to avoid using nitrous on ?alcoholics, drug abuser's, and COPD patients.How do we place patients when administrating nitrous ?SupineHow long do we want to wait to see affect on patient before increasing ?one minuteHow much do we increase n2o at a time ?0.5l/min while reducing O2 at the same timeEvery 45 minutes, patient should be returned to full oxygen for ____ minutes at appropriate tidal volume, the continue at previously determined sedation level.5_____is defined as a process by which N2O exits faster than N2 is able to be replaced.Diffusion HypoxiaIf patient suffers from hypoxia what are some normal symptoms ?headaches, lethargy, lightheadednessHow do we make sure patients dont have symptoms following hypoxia ?adequate amount of oxygen postoperatively eliminates symptomsWhen do we record vitals when giving nitrous ?at the start of appointment and afterWhat else do we record when giving nitrous ?tidal volume how long you gave nitrous recovery time after nitrous how patient responded ex. NAR