Anatomy Chapter 11

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heart, blood vessels, blood
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right ventricledischarges deoxygenated blood into the pulmonary circuitartery, capillary, vein3 types of blood vesselsarteriescarry blood away from heart, carries oxygenated blood in the systematic circulation, carries oxygen poor (deoxygenated) blood in the pulmonary circulation, further you get away from the heart, it gets smallerarteriolesmallest arterycapillariessmallest of blood vessels, thin wall, allow the exchange of nutrients and waste products between the blood and body tissues , connect arterioles to venuesveinscarry blood towards the heart, carries oxygen poor blood in the systemic circulation, carries oxygenated blood in the pulmonary circulation, smallest when you enter the capillaries, formed when several larger venules unite, mostly the one in the limbs have valvesvenulesmallest vein, capillary beds are drained by thisheart, arteries, arterioles, capillaries, venues, veins, heartorder of cardiovascular systemwhen we exit the heart, when we enter the heartwhen is the pressure highest and lowestelastic/conducting, muscular/distributing, arterioles3 types of arterieselastic/conducting arteriesfirst artery that enters from the heart, largest diameter arteries, wall contain large amounts of elastic fibers, allows arteries to expand and recoil, important vessels in helping to propel blood onward while ventricles are relaxing, elastic fibers function as pressure reservemuscular/distributing arteriesmedium-sized arteries, walls contain large amounts of smooth muscle, important in regulating the blood flow to specific body regions, smooth muscle cells in circular pattern around the lumen, responsible for vasoconstriction (reducing lumen diameter) and vasodilation (increasing lumen diameter)aortaconducting vessel that bring the blood away form the left ventricle, example of elastic arteryvenules and veins2 types of veinsvalveusually in the limb of the veins, prevent back flow of bloodleft ventricle, ascending aorta, arch of aorta, descending thoracic aorta, descending abdominal aorta, common iliac artery, external iliac artery, femoral arteryblood flow to lower limbelastic, muscular, arteriolesorder of vessels that will travel from the heart to a capillary bedleft atrium and left ventriclewhich two heart chambers contain oxygenated bloodright atrium and right ventriclewhich two heart chambers contain deoxygenated blood