Erik Eriksons 4th stage appears during middle to late childhood
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the most frequent expression of infants fearstranger anxietyHoward Gardner suggested there are ----- types of intelligence8celphalocudal- earliest growth always occurs at of the head with differianting factors working their way downwhat do schemes refer toactions or mental representation that organize knowledgechildren who have reached the concrete operational stage are capable of ______ which is the ability to order stimule along a quantitative dimension such as lengthseriation________ Involves an increase in the speed and effectiveness of information traveling through the neuron system and childrenmyelinationWhat is true about sidsOccurs during the night when infants suddenly stop breathing for no apparent reasonWhich of the following involves thoughts and feelings regarding rolls and conventions on what people should doMoral developmentThese are the building blocks of cells as well well as regulations that direct the body's processProteinThe interpretation of sensory information is calledPerceptionThe process of an organ development during the 1st 2 months of prenatal development is known as theorganogensisWhich is the correct sequencegerminal embryo fetusThis is also called self worth or self imageIs self esteemDevelopment can be defined as a pattern of movement or change that...Begins a conception and continues throughout the human lifespanThe 2nd leading cause of death and adolescenceIs homicidesWhich of the following statements is true about emotionsBiological evolution has endowed humans to be emotionalLawrence Culver studied moral development by...He presented kids with stories where they had to face moral dilemmasWhat was Eric Erickson's 2nd stage a personality developmentAnatomy versus shame and doubtWhich parenting style is under demanding under controlling but also acceptive and responsiveIndulgent parentingWhat is anorexiaWe're a littlest pursuit of thinness by starvationWhich of the following is true a piggot stage of perception all developmentIn this stage children start to represent the world with words images and drawingsWhich of a following is a pignition term for understanding that objects and events still exist even when they cannot be directly seenObject PerformancePiaget Believed that children...Actively construct their own cognitive worldThe connection across biological cognitive and social emotional process is the most obvious in the 2 rapidly emerging fields of whatDevelopmental cognitive neuroscience and developmental social neurosciencePsychology's newest approach what emphasizes the importance of adaptation reproduction can survival of the fittest in shaping behaviorEvolutionary psychology