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Responsible for summarizing matter


First person to coin the term atom ("atomos")


Any substance of 2 or more parts is not an element, instead a compound


Father of modern chemistry, introduced experimentation, said an element only has one component, water is a compound, and a compound = two or more elements


Worked with a gas that made water when it was burned; Lavoisier names it hydrogen or "water former"


Worked with a gas that in the presence of water produced an acid, caused candles to burn brighter, and charcoal to burn hotter; Lavoisier names it oxygen or "acid former"


Found the mass ratio used to create water (8 grams oxygen + 1 gram hydrogen = 9 grams water)


First to postulate the atomic theory; thought that water was OH


2 L Hydrogen + 1 L Oxygen = 2 L Water; discovered that hydrogen and oxygen are diatomic elements


At constant temperature and pressure, equal volumes of gases contain the same # of particles


Did the cathode ray tube experiment and found that atoms have negative portions and leads to the plum pudding model of the atom (negative particles suspended in a positive field)


Did the gold foil experiment using radiation, gave us the proton


Discovered that neutrons have the same mass as protons, but are a neutral charge


Arranged the periodic table, and noticed that the elements have periodic behavior

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