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Trees are rare in the savanna biome because of
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You Answered air expanding and heating on the windward side of the range
air expanding and cooling on the leeward side of the range
Correct Answer Air that encounters mountains flows upward, cools at higher altitudes, and releases water on the windward side of the range
Rising air releases moisture on the leeward side of mountains as it absorbs moisture on the windward side
these locations get the most intense solar radiation of any location on Earth.
ascending air masses absorb moisture and create an arid, desert climate.
moisture-laden air is heavier than dry air and is not carried to these latitudes.
Correct! descending air masses originating from the tropical areas tend to be dry.
Studying species transplants is a way that ecologistsconsolidate a landscape region into a single ecosystem. determine the abundance of a species in a specified area. determine the distribution of a species in a specified area. develop mathematical models for distribution of organisms. Correct! determine if dispersal limited distribution of organisms.Natural selection involves energetic trade-offs betweenensuring high offspring survival rates per reproductive episode and the cost of parental care.Which of the following is an expected characteristic of K-selected populations?early parental reproduction in populations a high intrinsic rate of population increase Correct! offspring born with good chances of survival small offspring born in crowded environmentsIn which of the following situations would you expect to find the largest number of K-selected individuals?a newly emergent volcanic island Correct! an old-growth forest a shifting sand dune community a recently abandoned farm field a coastline after a hurricaneWhich of the following is most likely to contribute to density-dependent regulation of populations?yeast converting ethanol to carbohydrates lack of chemical territorial boundaries extrinsic factors regulating reproduction Correct! intraspecific competition for nutrientsWhy do populations grow more slowly as they approach their carrying capacity?Density-independent factors lead to fewer births and increased mortality. Hormonal changes promote higher death rates in crowded populations. The incoming energy decreases in populations experiencing a high rate of increase. Correct! Density-dependent factors lead to fewer births and increased mortality.What is a metapopulation?What is a metapopulation? Correct Answer populations that are linked by immigration and emigration family units and their patches within a single population the exponential growth in a population's numbers over time all of the populations of different species within a community