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Economy and government in colonial south carolina

What was Carolina Gold?
What is the indigo plant used for?
to make a valuable blue dye
Who introduced indigo cultivation to SC?
Eliza Lucas
Why did many in SC become dissatisfied with the Lords Proprietors?
The Proprietors were getting wealthy off of the Carolina colony but they did not provide protection against the Yemassee, Spanish, and pirates...and they lived too far away to properly govern the colony
What happened as a result of SC discontent with the Proprietors?
the king took SC over and we became a royal colony
What problem led to the Regulator Movement?
the lack of courts, jails and law enforcement in the Back Country
What happened to end the Regulator Movement?
the Circuit Court Act was passed which established courts, jails and law enforcement in the Back Country
Under mercantilism European countries established _______________ to provide raw materials and to be a market for goods from the mother country
What was the purpose of the Township Plan?
to encourage white settlers to move to the backcountry of South Carolina
Who held most of the power in the early colonial South Carolina government?
the wealthy Lowcountry planters
How were the people in the Backcountry different from those in the Lowcountry?
Backcountry settlers were poorer and less educated than those in the Lowcountry
What industry began in South Carolina because of the abundance of pine trees?
naval stores
Describe the trade routes involving SC
SC shipped goods like cattle and Indian slaves to BARBADOS and rice and indigo and naval stores to BRITAIN
In the colonial period British colonies sent raw materials to the mother country and served as a market for goods from the mother country. How was Britain affected by this?
Britain did not need to rely on trade with foreign nations
What were subsidies and how did they benefit SC planters?
Subsidies were bonuses paid to the planters of indigo (and the producer of naval stores). this allowed planters to sell their crops cheaper than their competition
_______________________ is an economic system in which the Mother Country controls trade in order to export more goods than it imports and establishes colonies to provide raw materials and to serve as a market for goods from the Mother Country
What does it mean if an item was on the enumerated list?
it could only be sold to Britain
Britain did not enforce the law saying rice could only be sold to Britain. How did this affect SC?
South Carolina had a larger market in which to sell its rice
How did Britain generally treat the colonies?
The King and Parliament usually left the colonists alone to govern themselves
Who were Edward Teach, Stede Bonnet, Mary Read and Anne Bonny?
pirates that threatened the SC coast in the colonial period
As a royal colony how was the SC governor chosen?
He was appointed by the king
What geographic features made SC an ideal place for growing rice?
the coastal, tidal rivers
What geographic feature in SC made it easy to ship goods from the interior to the coast?
navigable rivers extending inland