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5th - SS - Ch 6 - Review Guide 1

the Taino
the first people Columbus met living in the Bahama Islands in the Atlantic Ocean.
San Salvador
On his first voyage, Columbus named the island he found__________________.
Holy Savior
San Salvador means____________________.
Columbus claimed this island for _______________.
Columbian exchange
The movement of people, plants, animals, an germs across the Atlantic Ocean to the Americas.
horses, potatoes, maize, sugar, and diseases
5 most important items in the Columbian exchange
Hernando Cortes
the person the King of Spain asked to lead an expedition to Mexico
Dona Maria
the Indian woman Hernando Cortes met on his way to Tenochtitlan
Dona Maria helped convince many ______________, who were enemies of the Aztec, to join with Cortes' armies in battle
Hernando Cortez defeated the ___________.
better weapons and Dona Marina convinced the Indians to help Cortez defeat the Aztecs
2 reasons the Spaniards were able to defeat the Aztecs
Ferdinand Magellan
a sea captain who was the first to sail around the world (circumnavigate)
Inca ruler who was defeated by Pizarro
African scout who explored the southwest
Franciso Coronado
Spanish conquistador who led a group looking for gold in the southwest
an elderly African slave who escaped and stayed in hiding for 30 years
Indians who stayed in New Spain worked on ______________________.
large pieces of land given to the colonists by Spain
Protector of the Indians
Bartoleme de Las Casas became known as __________________ and defended the rights of the Indians
Mexico City
When Hernando Cortes began to rebuild Tenochtitlan, this new city would be named ____________________.
Life for the Indians in New Spain was very __________________.
spices, silk, and gold
3 things Columbus wanted to find a quicker route to Asia to bring back
King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella
Columbus' voyage was paid for by __________ and___________ of Spain