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the study of the interactions between organisms and their environment


describes living factors in the environment


describes non-living things in the environment


a group of individuals of the same species that live together in the same area at the same time


all of the populations of different species that live and interact in an area


a community of organisms and their non-living environment


a part of the Earth where life exists


a consumer that eats plants


a consumer that eats animals


a consumer that eats a variety of orgaisms


an animal that feeds on the bodies of dead animals


an organism that gets energy by breaking down the remains of dead organisms or animal wastes and consuming or absorbing the nutrients


organisms that produce their own food, usually the energy from sunlight to make sugar


an organism that eats producers or other organisms for energy

food chain

a diagram that represents how the energy in food molecules flows from one organism to the next

food web

a complex diagram representing the many energy pathways in a real ecosystem

energy pyramid

a diagram shaped like a triangle that shows the loss of energy at each level of the food chain


the environment where an organism lives


an organism's way of life and its relationships with its abiotic and biotic environments


a tree, shrub or bush that loses its leaves in the autumn (fall) and grows them back in the spring


a tree, shrub or bush that does not lose its leaves or needles in the fall and winter and keeps them all year long

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