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Marketing Quiz 1 for ch.3

is a markeing management aid which refers to how customers thing about proposed and/or present brands in a market.
Tries to aggregate together individuals who have similar needs and characteristics
What should a marketing managers use when segmenting a broad-market?
The segments should be substantial-big enough to be profitable-and operational-useful for identifying customers and deciding on marketing mix variables. The people within a market segment should be as homogeneous as possible with respect to the segmenting dimensions and their likely response to marketing mix variables.
"Too much" aggregating in market segmenting
leaves the firm vulnerable to competitors.
Behavioral (rather than demographic) segmenting dimensions include:
Purchase relationship
Planning marketing strategies for international markets:
None of the above
A product-market is one
In which competing sellers offer physically or conceptually similar products.
Which of the following possible segmenting dimensions is a "demographic" dimension?
Social Class
Treat 3 segments as one large market and offered the same marketing mix.
Combined target market
The first step in segmenting international markets is to:
Segment by country or region-looking at demographic, cultural, and other characteristics.