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Sui Empire

Who was the Precursor to the Tang Empire?

Emperor Wendi

Reunified the North and the South


Where was the capital of the Sui Empire?


Who succeeded Emperor Wendi?


What happens due to Emperor Yangdi because of his tyrannical rule and disloyalty?

Li Yuan

Who succeeded Emperor Yangdi?


How to act when in the presense of the emperor.

Confucianism, Daoism, Buddhism

What were the main belief systems in China?


Who stops the Chinese Westward Expansion?

Family size

What was the tax system based off of during the Tang Empire?

Civil Service Exam

Creation of bureaucrats which led to uniformity and consistency of governing


Distinguished gentlemen


What religion did the Tang Empire promote?


T/F During the Tang Empire, the Chinese were trading internationally.

Flying Money

What term was used to describe Tang China's commerce?


Peaceful ruler of the Tang; Confucian in nature, who focused one expanding the borders of China


First female Empress; focused on Buddhism, due to its importance to women in society


Tang emperor who reduced the Buddhist influence; named the "brilliant monarch"


Castrated men who served the mistresses of the Emperor

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