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Tomahawk 7th Life Structure and Function Ch 5 vocabulary

the passing of traits from parent to offspring
the different forms of a trait that a gene may have
the study of how traits are inherited through the interactions of alleles
received different genetic information, or different alleles, for a trait from each parent
dominant factors
dominate or cover up a recessive factor
recessive factors
Factors that will be masked or hidden by the dominant factors
Punnett Square
a chart that shows all the possible combinations of alleles that can result from a genetic cross; An uppercase letter stands for dominant and a lowercase letter stands for recessive
genetic makeup of an organism; based on information from a Punnett Square
what an organism LOOKS like based on its genotype
an organism with two alleles for a trait that are the same
An organism that has two different alleles for a trait
incomplete dominance
When the offspring of two homozygous parents show an intermediate phenotype; one allele is not completely dominant over the ex: red flower and white flower = pink flower
polygenic inheritance
occurs when a group of gene pairs acts together to
produce a trait; eye color is an example
sex-linked gene
an allele inherited on a sex chromosome; color blindness is a sex-linked disorder
genetic engineering
experimenting with biological and chemical methods to change the arrangement of DNA that makes up a gene
the different forms of a gene