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How many members in the Missouri Senate?34 membersWhat are the qualifications for the Missouri Senate?30 years old, registered voter for 3 years, live in the district for 1 yearWhat is the term limit for the Missouri Senate?4 years (2 terms)What are the elected offices in Missouri?Governor, lieutenant Governor, state auditor, Secretary of State, state treasurerWhat are the qualifications for governor in Missouri?30 years old, US citizen for 15 years, Missouri resident for 10 yearsWhat is the term length for Governor?4 yearsWhat are the powers of the governor?Veto bills, Grant pardons, and call out the National GuardWhat are the powers of the lieutenant governor?1 in line to be governor, president of the state senate, breaks ties in the senateHow members are in the Missouri supreme court7How many Missouri Circuit courts are there?45How many Missouri Appeals Courts are there?3Judicial qualifications30 years old, US citizen for 15 years, registered voter for 9 yearsMissouri plan for selecting JudgesA bipartisan vote for 3 candidates, the governor chooses one, the people approve or disapprove.InitiativeThe people can make the law directly without legislatureReferendumThe people can approve actions by the General Assembly, bypassing the governor10th amendmentReserved powersSpecific and general purpose local governmentsGeneral deals with everything specific deals with one problemsWhat type of government is St. Charles?General governmentHow many counties are in Missouri ?114What year did. Missouri become a state1841What state was Missouri?24thHow many members are in the State of Missouri House of Representatives8How many electoral votes does Missouri have?10SuffragePeople of Missouri are guaranteed the right to vote