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Herbs 1 final exam part 2

Si jun zi tang
Four gentleman decoction
Sp qi def (tonify qi)
Tonify qi and strengthen spleen
Pale complexion, low voice, reduced appetite, loose stools, weakness in the limbs
Pale tongue, thin weak pulse
Liu jun zi tang
Six gentleman decoction
Sp qi def w/ more stomach problems (tonify qi)
Add: Chen pi for middle jiao stagnation and ban xia for regulation of qi
Xian sha liu jun zi tang
Combine liu jun zi tang with Mu Xiang and sha ren. (tonify qi)
Sp qi def w/ dampness and qi stagnation
Shen ling bai zhu San
Ginseng, poria and atractylodes macrocephala powder
Sp qi def w/ damp (tonify qi)
Tonify qi and strengthen spleen, leach out dampness and stop diarrhea.
Loose stools/ diarrhea. Pale complexion, low voice, reduced appetite, weakness in limbs
Pale tongue, thin weak pulse
Er Chen tang
Two-cured decoction
(Transfer the phlegm)
Excess general phlegm and dampness
Cough, sputum, easily expectorated. Focal distention, stifling sensation in chest. Palpitations, nausea, dizziness
Swollen, thick, white, greasy tongue and a slippery pulse
Si wu tang
Four substances decoction
General bl def w/ MILD stasis (mass)
(tonify blood),regulate liver
Dizziness, blurred vision, general muscle tension. Irregular menstruation. Hard abdominal masses w/ pain. Lochioschesis and restless fetus disorder.
Jiao ai si wu tang
Blood def w/ bleeding during pregnancy
(restless fetus) with continuous bleeding.
(tonify blood)
Tao hong si wu tang
Blood def w/ blood stasis (tonify blood)
Leading to irregular menstruation or dysmenorrhea.
Dang gui shai Yao san
Tangkuei and peony powder
Liver blood def w/ liver qi stagnation w/ sp def
Edema during pregnancy (cramping)
(tonify blood)
Shao Yao gan cao tang
Peony and licorice decoction
Cramping pain due to liver blood def
Soften liver, moderate spasm, alleviate pain
Injury to fluids (tonify blood)
Dang gui bu xue tang
Peony and licorice decoction
(tonify qi and blood)
Sudden loss of blood, hot sensation in the muscles, fever.
* ratio of the herbs is 5 to 1
Ba Zhen tang
Eight treasure decoction
(tonify qi and blood)
(combine si jun zi tang and si wu tang)
General qi and blood def
Shi quan da bu tang
(tonify qi and blood)
(combine ba Zhen tang w/ rou gui + hung qi
To warm and tonify qi and blood def w/ cold
Gui pi tang
Restore the spleen decoction
(tonify qi and blood) sp qi and heart BL def w/ spiritual problems
Forgetfulness, palpitations, insomnia, dream disturbed sleep. Reduced appetite, pale complexion. Chronic bleeding.
Liu wei di hung wan
Six ingredient pill with rehmannia
(tonify yin) general kidney yin def w/ a MILD function to clear empty heat
Soreness in low back , tinnitus, night sweats, hot palms, chronic dry and sore throat.
Wasting and thirsting disorder*
Ba Xian Chang shou wan
(tonify yin) kidney yin def.w/ lung qi def
Chronic cough
Qi ju di huang wan
(tonify yin) kidney yin and liver blood def
Blurred vision
Zhi bai di huang wan
(tonify yin) Kidney yin def w/ Empty Heat
Ming Mu di huang wan
(tonify yin) kidney yin and liver blood def
Blurred vision (strong function)
Zuo gui yin
Restore the left decoction
(tonify yin) "general" kidney yin def
Soreness in low back, night sweats, spontaneous and nocturnal emissions, dry mouth and throat, peeled shiny tongue, a rapid and thin pulse.
Tian Wang bu xin Dan
Emperor of heavens special pill to tonify the heart
(calm the spirit w/ yin def)
Irritability, fatigue, nocturnal emissions, dry stools, low grade fever, night sweats. D tongue w/ sores, thin rapid pulse.
Jin gui Shen qi wan
Kidney qi pill from the golden cabinet
(tonify kidney yang)
Warm and tonify kidney yang
Low back pain, weakness of lower extremities, a cold sensation in the lower half of the body, dyspnea, difficult urination with edema or excessive urination with incontinence. Pale swollen tongue, empty pulse.
You gui wan
Restore right pill
(tonify kidney yang) replemish the essence and tonify blood. Low back pain, weakness of lower extremities, a cold sensation and aversion to cold, impotence, spermatorrhea, infertility, loose stools, incontinence, edema at lower limbs. Pale swollen tongue, empty pulse.
Li zhong wan
Regulate the middle pill
(spleen yang def) DIARRHEA due to spleen yang def. Cold watery stools. No thirst.
Fu zi li zhong tang
Aconite center rectifying decoction
( kidney and spleen yang def)
Warm and tonify spleen
Si ni san
Frigid extremities powder
(Cold fingers and toes with liver qi stagnation)
Hypochondriac pain and distention. May be abdominal pain and or severe diarrhea.
Chai hu shu gan san
(liver qi stagnation w/ blood stasis)
Gastritis, peptic ulcer, hepatitis, fibrocystic breasts.
Xiao yao San
Rambling powder
(liver qi stagnation)
Spread liver qi, strengthen spleen, and nourish blood.
Hypochondriac pain, headache, vertigo, a bitter taste in mouth, dry mouth and throat, fatigue, reduced appetite, pale red tongue, wiry deficient pulse. ( regulate menstruation)
Yue ju wan
Escape restraint pill
(regulate qi) qi stagnation
The six constraints
Focal distention and a stifling sensation in the chest and abdomen, fixed pain in the hypochondria, belching, vomiting, acid regurgitation, mild coughing with copious sputum, reduced appetite and indigestion.
Tong xie Yao fang
Important formula for painful diarrhea
(harmonize liver and spleen)
Recurrent problems of borborygmus, abdominal pain,DIARRHEA with PAIN.
Bu zhong yi qi tang
Tonify the middle and augment the qi decoction
(tonify qi)
Tonify qi of the middle and raise sunken yang.
Intermittent fever, bleeding, general sp qi def, and prolapse.
Sheng Mai San
Generate the pulse powder
(heart yin and lung qi def)
Chronic cough, shortness of breath, dry mouth and tongue, palpitations w/ stifling sensation in the chest, irregular pulse.
Suan zao ren
Sour jujube decoction
(nourish the heart, calm the spirit)
"blood def. W/ heat"
Irritability, insomnia, palpitations
Yu ping feng San
Jade windscreen powder
(Stabilize and bind)
Spontaneous sweating, easily catch colds
Augment the qi, stabilize the exterior, and stop sweating. Aversion to drafts.
Ping Wei San
Calm the stomach powder
(transform damp)
Dampness in the middle jiao
Distention and fullness in the epigastrium and abdomen, a heavy sensation in the limbs.
Wu ling San
Five ingredient powder w/ poria
(promote urination and leach out dampness)
Headache, fever, irritability, floating pulse.
Edema, vomiting, and diarrhea.
Throbbing sensation below the umbilicus.
Severe accumulation of water in the bladder.
Wei ling tang
Calm the stomach and pore decoction
Combination of wu ling San and ping Wei san
Er Miao San
Two marvel powder
(clear damp heat) "dampness in the lower jiao"
Swollen and painful feet or knees.
Foul smelling vaginal discharge.
Damp heat lodged in the lower burner.
San Miao wan &
Si Miao wan
(dampness in the lower jiao)
Xue Fu zhu yu tang
Drive out stasis in the mansion
(general blood stasis due to qi stagnation)
Bu yang huan wu tang
Tonify yang to restore five tenths decoction
(stroke due to qi deficiency)
Tonify qi, invigorate blood, and unblock the channels.
Sequelae of wind stroke including hemiplegia.
Gui zhi Fu ling wan
Cinnamon twig and poria pill
(blood stasis in the uterus)
Reduce fixed abdominal masses
Uterine bleeding during pregnancy with pain that increases with pressure.
Sheng hua tang
Generation and transformation decoction
(blood stasis in the uterus)
Warm the menses and alleviate pain.
Retention of lochia accompanied by cold and pain in the lower abdomen.
"cold after delivery"