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The Koppen system of climate classification is based on?

temperature and precipitation

The desire to simplify, organize, and generalize the vast array of climatic data into a comprehensible system that helps us understand the distribution of climates over Earth leads to?


The tropical monsoon climate bears a letter classification of?


The climatic type for the desert areas is?


Of the main Koppen climate zones, ____ is the only one that does not occur in the Southern Hemispherel.


At its equatorward margin the ____ climate is bouned by the 0 degree Celsius isotherm of average annual temperature.


The main reason for the occurence of subtropical deserts around the world is?

the intertropical convergence.

Which climate type is known for clear skies in the summertime?


All months have average temperatures below freezing in the ____ climate type.


The middle latitude climate type located on the western edges of the continents is the ____ climate.


The mountain, or H climates, exhibit?

vertical zonation

The Cs climate type is usually located on the ____ part of the continents.


The poleward limits of the Aw climate are approximately equivalent to?

poleward maximum migration of the ITC.

The lowercase letter symbolizing "moist, with no dry season" in the Koppen classification system is?


A small island on the equator would most likerly be classified as?


Mediterranean climates experience dry summers because of?

the position of subtropical high pressure.

Usually, the Csa, Csb, and the ____ are west coast climates?


Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of the tropical humid climates?

The intertropical convergence zone is rarely overhead

The B climates are dry mostly because of the lack of?

uplift in the air

Subtropical deserts are so dry because of ____ associated with the presence of the STH's.


The greatest day-to-day and seasonal contrasts of climate are found in the ____ climates.

middle latitude

Oxygen isotope analysis is used when studying ____ and climate change.

ice cores

The polar front and subtropical jet streams are both high-latitude flows which circulate

from east to west (easterly)

Which factor is corrected for on most maps of atmospheric pressure?


Surface westerly winds on a global scale exist because of air flow out of the ____ of the general circulation.

STH pressure system

____ knots is the minimum speed for a winds aloft to be termed a "jet stream."


Air that resists vertical movement is said to be?


The rising and subsequent cooling of air at the rate 10 degrees Celsius per 1,000 meters is called?

dry adiabatic rate

Which measure of humidity is a ration of the percentage of water vapor to the mass of the air?

none of the above.

Any buoyany parcel of air is said to exhibit?


Rising air, warmed by the release of latent heat, cools at a rate called?

saturated adiabatic lapse rate

A precipitation type extremely characteristic of the lower latitudes is?

convergent lifting

A lack of atmospheric buoyancy is called?


Maximum absolute humidity is governed by?


When air is heated enough so that it is warmer than the surrounding air, it is


Relative humidity is relative to?


Calm, fair weather is most likely to result from a/an?

midlatitude anticyclone

The desert would be the obvious zone of origin of a ____ air mass.


Extratropical cyclones and anticyclones function as migratory perturbations in the?


The global westerly wind zone most heavily impacts the ____ latitudes.


Upper air divergence is most closely associated with surface?


Cyclogenesis occurs along the?

polar front

It can be said that along all the fronts in a middle latitude cyclone?

air rises

Of the weather disturbances explained in the textbook, ____ affect weather over the greatest area at one time.

midlatitude cyclones

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