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AFAA - Group Fitness Instructor

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▼ Strength and Resistance: Offers participants the opportunity to increase muscular
strength and endurance using an opposing force for resistance.
▼ HIIT and Interval: Involves alternating work periods of higher intensities with recovery
periods performed at moderate to low intensities. HIIT workouts are typically shorter
in duration, but extremely challenging.
Method of choreography
based on the instructor's
personal preference, skill set,
and knowledge.
Form or mode of exercise
that presents a specifi c
stress to the body.
12 Chapter 1 | The Group Fitness Industry
▼ Boot Camp: Includes a combination of resistance and cardio elements, with a goal of
providing a total body workout, with a military-style presentation.
▼ Mind-body: Includes practices such as yoga, Pilates, T'ai Chi, and more. These formats
feature slow, controlled movements that combine strength, stability, fl exibility, balance,
and breathing techniques. For the purpose of this certifi cation program, and due to its
popularity, yoga will be the primary focus when discussing mind-body group fi tness
▼ Cycling: Participants ride stationary bicycles designed to simulate an outdoor cycling
▼ Specialty formats: Because some formats require additional certifi cation or training,
these will be covered only in brief:
a. Dance-oriented: Designed to make cardiorespiratory training more interesting
and fun. They rely on exhilarating, energizing moves specifi cally choreographed
to match popular or thematic music.
b. Aquatics: Consists of cardio, strength, and stability movements taught in shallow
or deep pools and offer benefi ts for populations ranging from the overweight and
deconditioned to elite athletes.
c. Active, aging Adults: Focus on functional basic movements often through the
use of chairs, step decks, water, and lighter resistance.
d. Discipline specifi c: Relates to a unique form of discipline, such as martial arts or
cardio tennis.
e. Equipment driven: Maintains focus on one type of modality, such as suspension
training systems or kettlebells.
f. Hybrid: A combination of two or more types of formats to accomplish more than
one outcome, such as yogalates.