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First monotheistic person
Father of Isaac (by Sarah) and Ishmael (by Hagar)
Considered father of the three major monotheistic religions - Judaism, Islam, and Christianity

The Middle East

A REGION that includes parts of Asia and Africa, as well as the birthplace of Christianity, Judaism, and Islam.


The Jewish holy city


Jewish holy text


The original language of the Jewish religion
Also, what the Jews were called before they were called Jews.


Abraham's wife
Mother of Isaac


Abraham's second wife and slave
Mother of Ishmael


Abraham's second son, with Sarah.
Credited with leading the Jews.


Abraham's first son, with Hagar.
Credited with being the first Arab.

The Bible

Christian holy text.
Includes old and new testament.


the teachings and/or laws of a religion or society

to influence

to persuade a person to some action


of extreme importance; basic and necessary


the foundation or basic principal on which something is established

to justify

to prove or show to be just, right, or legal

to prohibit

to forbid

to found

to start or establish


a big idea


a person chosen to speak for a god

to maintain

to keep things the way they are

to command

to demand; to order

to persecute

to harass or mistreat one person or a group especially because of their race or religion

to oppress

to unfairly take away rights of a group of people to show one's power


a doctrine or belief that there is only one god


a doctrine or belief that there are many gods


a female leader of a family or community


a male leader of a family or community


Before the Common Era (aka BC)


Common Era (aka AD)

matriarch or matriarchy (give the adjective form)

matriarchal (give a noun form)

patriarchy (give the adjective form)

patriarchal (give a noun form)

maternal grandfather

Your mother's father

paternal grandmother

Your father's mother

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