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41 - 135 degrees F
Temperature danger zone
50% - 60%
humidity in dry storage
Food and Drug Administration
Fish poisoning found in certain algae
Baracuda, Jack, Snapper, Grouper
7 Days
Maximum time you can store food in the fridge
Integrated Pest Management Program
135 Degrees F
Hot holding temp - vegetable cooking temp
Kitchen - 50, Hallway - 20,
Storage & Fridge - 10
Good Manufacturing Practice
Cross - Contact
The contamination of food associated with allergens
100 degrees F
Temp for washing hands
measures temp through a metal probe - the probes can be replaced.
Measures temp through a ceramic probe - the probes can be replaced.
7.5 - 4.6
Acidity level where bacteria grows
Good Agricultural Practice
180 Degrees F
Sanitizing temp for large dish Machines
120 degrees F
sanitizing temp for chemical dish machines - runs for a longer period of time at a lower temp.
Time Tempurature Indicator - external tempurature gadge
Infrared (Laser)
measures the surface tempurature of items using a laser.
Temp Sensitive Tape
Used to test the tempurature of you dish washer, put on a plate and send through the washer, if it changes color the water tempurature is acceptable.
171 degrees F
temp of 3rd sink in three compartment sink
Fish poisoning found on the outside of the fish - to prevent fish needs to stay cold. Mahi Mahi, Tuna, Bonita, Macral (MMBT - Micky Mouse Boils Tuna)
10 - 15 seconds
Amount of time you scrub your hands when washing them
90 days
Amount of time you must keep your shellfish tags for after you have served the last of it.
6 Inches
Everything must be of the floor 6 inches.
Amnesic Shellfish Poisoning - found in cold water.
50 - 70 degrees F
Temp for dry storage
135 - 70 degrees F
First stage for 2 stage cooling process. Should take max 2 hours
110 degrees F
temp for the first sink in 3 compartment sink
Cross - Contamination
The contamination of food associated with bacteria.
45 degrees F or lower
need to chill to this temp before refrigerating
165 degrees F for 15 seconds
Temp for poultry
Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points
Pest Control Operator
41 degrees F or lower
Cold holding temp - Temp you should receive all fish.
Neurotoxic Shellfish Poisoning
70 - 41 degrees F
Second stage in a 2 stage cooling process. Should take max 4 hours.
Material Safety Data Sheet
Paralytic Shellfish Poisoning - cold water
155 degrees F for 15 seconds
temp for ground beef
6 hours
Max time in 2 stage cooling - amount of time cold food can sit out.
4 hours
Max time hot food can sit out
Food, Acidity, Tempurature, Time, Oxygen, Moisture
Environmental Protection Agency (Chemical Safety)
United States Department of Agriculture
.85 or higher
First in, First out
145 degrees F for 15 seconds
Internal temperature for whole meat
0 - 220 degrees F
Bi-Metallic stemmed thermomiter range of reading
Critical Control Point