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8th Grade Also, Mr.Vinje told EBlock that we dont have to remember the first names, mainly last for now. But if you write the 1st name on the test and spell it wrong, you'll get it wrong, i believe.

Founder/Leader(s) of Virginia

John Smith

Founder/Leader(s) of Massachusetts


Founder/Leader(s) of New Hampshire

Ferdinando Gorges, and John Mason

Founder/Leader(s) of New York

Dutch Settlers

Founder/Leader(s) of Maryland

Cecil Calvert, or can you say, Lord Baltimore

Founder/Leader(s) of Connecticut

Thomas Hooker

Founder/Leader(s) of Rhode Island

Roger Williams
(note to Jada: 3 R's)

Founder/Leader(s) of Delaware

Swedish Settlers

Founder/Leader(s) of New Jersey

John Berkeley and George Carteret

Founder/Leader(s) of North Carolina

Group of 8 nobles
(note to mr.vinjes classes: we can say noble)

Founder/Leader(s) of South Carolina

Group of 8 nobles

Founder/Leader(s) of Pennsylvania

William Penn

Founder/Leader(s) of Georgia

James Oglethorpe

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