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  1. Name our first inter-chapter fundraising event
  2. Chapter Officer: Initiate advisor
  3. The name of your chapter's Greek letter name:
  4. Committee Chair: Fundraising
  5. Chapter Officer: President
  1. a Katie Wallace
  2. b Omicron
  3. c Devin Ford
  4. d Jello Wrestling
  5. e Tracy Migliori

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  1. Jen Elliott
  2. Sam Steger
  3. Kaye Pelton
  4. "Brother" and "Brothers Are We"
  5. Kate Garvick

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  1. Committee Chair: AlumniEmily Rock


  2. The fraternity colorsWhite


  3. Name of the membership certificateMegan Hall


  4. The signatures located on the certificateNational President and National Secretary


  5. Who wrote the music and lyrics to each"Brother"words and music by Thomas Ted Daniels and "Brothers Are We" music by Charles Darrin and words Edward Ingraham