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  1. Chapter Officer: Corresponding Secretary
  2. Chapter Officer: Parliamentarian
  3. Committee Chair: Public Relations
  4. Committee Chair: Fundraising
  5. The signatures located on the certificate
  1. a Katie Wallace
  2. b Lindsay Libengood
  3. c Ariana Tavakoli
  4. d Molly Doyle
  5. e National President and National Secretary

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  1. Kate Garvick
  2. Emily Rock
  3. Jello Wrestling
  4. Kait Rodgers
  5. Devin Ford

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  1. Chapter Officer: Vice PresidentDevin Ford


  2. The auxiliary colorWhite


  3. The fraternity colorsGold and Purple


  4. Only way an individual may become a member of Phi Sigma PiThe Shingle


  5. Committee Chair: SocialSam Steger