Skin Preparation

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Mechanical cleansing/bathing/showering
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All surgical prep supplies are ?sterilegauzenot to be x-ray detectable or countedspongesused holding "wing" to avoid touching pt. skincotton tip swabs (q-tips)provided in prep tray & used to clean umbilicus (belly button)scrub brushfor debridementsponge stickvaginal procedurespads are used to collect ?excess prep solution and placed at junction of the patient and operating table to avoid risk of chemical burn due to solution pooling under patient.Eyes should be ?lubricated with ointment before preppingChlorhexidine Gluconate (hibiclens)not a rapid reduction of microbes but residual activity for 5-6 hours. avoid using on ears, eyes, large wounds, or burnsIodine, iodophors (betadine)low irritant, color helps see prep areas, should be on skin 2 min. to be effective, can't use on patients allergic to shellfish. Most common type of antiseptic used in the operation room for surgical prep.Iodine should be on skin for ___ to be effective?2 minutesIodine can't be used on patients allergic to?shellfishAlcoholprovides a rapid and significant reduction in microbes, not for open wounds.Alcohol is ...Flammable; sources of ignition cautery pencil, oxygen, light cords. Must be completely dry prior to draping.Hexachlorophene (pHisoHex)effective antimicrobial, must not be used around eyes, can cause blindnessif an ostomy bag is present the -ostomy is prepped ___ the other areas have been prepped?afterConsideration/Documentation: Skin conditionprior to prepConsideration/Documentation: Hair removalif any was removed and how it was removedConsideration/Documentation: prepwhat solution was usedConsideration/Documentation: person performingwho did the prep and who assisted in doing the prep if applicable