T/F: Arms cannot be at an angle greater than 90 degrees. Can cause injury to the brachial plexus.
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Supine Position : Laparotomy (arms out)Arms out no more than 90 degrees with palms facing upSupine : TrendelenburgSupine : Reverse TrendeleburgUse foot board if necessaryFowlers is ____ degrees90Semi fowlers/lawn chair/beach chair is ___ degrees.45Beach is used for what surgeries .....shoulder, posterior cervical spine or posterior craniotomyLithotomy : Equipmentarm-boards, stirrups, stirrup holders, head to foot of bed and requires two people to simultaneously raise and lower the legs.lithotomy position used forvaginal, cysto and etc. Move both legs together, 2 people supple sole of foot and calve.Lateral PositioningBottom leg bent - top leg straightEpidurals are placed in this position ...sims positionProne position is used forlaminectomy, hemorrhoidectomy, posterior craniotomy or cervical and etc.Prone (kraske/jackknife) is used forrectal proceduresProne : equipmentwilson frame, chest rolls, 2 pillows, laminectomy headrest and laminectomy pads.T/F: When placing a patient in prone position, check breasts, scrotum, penis, knees and toes.TRUET/F; it's okay if the patient is touching metalFALSE; no part of the patient may touch any metal. Everything should be padded and supported.