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Technical Writing Vocab

Some vocabulary words on technical writing... hope it helps!
summarizes formal reports, trade journal articles and the like. It's the like the menu of the paper.
Descriptive Abstract
describes the purpose, scope, and method used to arrive to conclusion. Included on the title page, really short.
Informative Abstract
the expanded version of the descriptive abstract. Covers conclusions and recommendations. Placed before full report.
Executive Summary
it glues the principal points of a proposal. It not like the abstract, but its just a big part of the paper. Its at the front.
Closing Summary
summarizes the paper, reviews main points and findings. Can be in the front or the back.
Spatial Method
breaks up a topic and decribes it in a direction. Kinda like temporal, but its directional. Up to down, left to right.
Topical Method
main part of the body is explaining parts of a whole. Each point is a part.
Temporal Method
puts stuff into chronological order. Each point is a step in a process.
Problem Solution (Method)
describes the problem and gives a solution in the body. First point is the problem, second is the solution.
Causal Method
this illustrates a cause and effect method. Is a 2 pointer like problem solution.
Motivated Method
a five pointer speech, 1, get attetion; 2, establish problem; 3, satisfy the need; 4, visualize the need answered in future; 5, ask action from audience.
User Manual
a manual made for skilled/unskilled person concerning a product.
a self study guide for newbies, works them step by step.
Training Manual
a teaching tool for people of a certain vocation, newbies use it.
Operator Manual
a manual made for newbies, use it on the job. Construction, and computers.
Service Manual
a manual made for repair technicians, has charts and stuff.
its at the back of a paper. Provides info that is too lengthy for the paper. Only addresses 1 type of info. Has maps and photos.
alphabetical, lists definitions of words. Short and precise definitions.
(memorandum) these provide reports for results, information, and delegate responsibility. More casual, and filled with jargon.
these are much more formal, usually regards a client or a company.
a type of letter for job application. Usually short, 2 pages.
Parenthetical definition
uses a synonym or a clarifying phrase.
Sentence definition
used for complex terms, or when it has multiple meanings. Indicate item, classify, and says what makes it unique.
Expanded definition
uses extensive detail for the item. Can be several pages long.
Definition by components
defines the item by breaking it down into smaller parts.
Progress Report
reports that keeps a person up to date. Talks about the progress of a large project.
Feasibility Report
it attempts to look in the future of a product, and see if its worth buying or selling.
Lab Report
relays info from the laboratory, or an investigation.
Routine proposal
used for minor spending requests, very short.
Formal proposal
used to request a lot more money.
Solicited proposal
external proposal in response to RFP/IBD
Unsolicited proposal
external proposal written without heads up.
Sales proposal
External proposal that's long/short advertising a sale.
Grant/Research proposal
external written to request funding for project.
takes a person thru things step by step for a task. Can be for both.
clarify rules that people should already know. This is for skilled workers.