The reason that a ranch design is generally more expensive to build than a two-story home of the same square footage is that ____.
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The usual height of an interior door is ___.6'-8"A 5' x 8' bath would be considered a(n) __ bath.smallThe __ normally determines the number of bedrooms a house will have.size of the family__ toilets make access easier for the elderly, disabled, and other people who have limited mobility.Comfort-heightCloset doors may be __ .sliding, bi-fold, flushThe best location for a bedroom door is ___.near a cornerA toilet that is __ high provides easy transfer from a wheelchair.17" to 19"Class C extinguishers are for use on __ fires.electricalWhich of the following is not generally a source of water vapor in a house?Drippy hose bibWhich natural hazard is responsible for more property damage and deaths than any destructive force of nature in the United States?Flooding.Green building strives to ____.use materials and processes more efficiently, reduce pollution, cause as little damage to the environment as possibleChanging the site contour affects patterns of ___ for the building site and the land surrounding it.water runoffOne of the basic principles of designing a net zero building is relying completely on renewable ___ sources.energyDioxins and heavy metals are known as __ .persistent bioaccumulative toxicantsGray water is water than has been used in __ .bathsSome symbols are simplified while others are __.detailedA good policy to follow when locating dimensions on a floor plan is to __.locate dimensions where one would logically look for themWhich type of line is used to show an archway or plain opening on a floor plan?Hidden line.The room name should be placed near the center of the room and lettered ____ inch high to draw attention to it.3/16In manual drafting, the interior and exterior walls may be darkened after ___.the doors, windows, stairs, and fireplaces have been drawnA brick veneer structure is dimensioned to the ____.outside of the rough stud wallMs. Smith and Mr. Jones are each building a house from the same floor plan. Ms. Smith is using a stud wall with siding and Mr. Jones is using brick veneer. Which of the following statements applies to Ms. Smith an Jones?Mr. Jones's foundation plan will be 8" longer and wider than Ms. Smith's because a brick veneer house needs a 4" ledge on all four sides.In typical gable roof construction, the __ support the roof covering.raftersThe ___ of a roof is one-half of the clear span.runThe fractional pitch of a roof is calculated by dividing the ___.rise by the clear spanThe ___ is the extension of a gable roof beyond the end wall of the house.rakeA roof type more suited to houses in warm climates than in cold, wet climates is a(n) ___ roof.flatThe width of a narrow box cornice is normally between ___ inches.6 and 12You can use 6" or 8" individual boards as sheathing. For rafters spaced 16" or 24" OC, the boards should be at least ____" thick.3/4When the roof pitch is 1212 and the span is 24', how high is the roof ridge above the top plate?12'Nails and other fasteners used in an all-weather wood foundation should be made from ____.silicon bronze, copper, or hot-dipped zinc-coated steelConcrete and masonry basement wall thickness depends on lateral earth pressure and ____.vertical load to be supportedWhen ordering concrete allow ___ cubic feet to the yard.25Concrete slabs are normally placed on a base of compacted sand __ inches thick.4 to 6The term __ is commonly used to indicate that a Jess desirable or inexpensive material has been covered with some type of facing material.veneerCasement windows have side-hinged sashes that swing out and may be opened or closed by __.handles on the sash, push-bars on the frame, cranks.Which of the following lines should be used to show the hinge positions on a hinged window?Dashed lineThe side units in a bay window are normally placed at __ degrees to the exterior wall.45Winder stairs have ___ steps that are substituted for a landing.pie-shapedEnclosed stars are also known as ___ stairs.closed, housed, boxRanch homes generally require a considerable amount of hall space.TCompared to the two-story house, the ranch house is more economical to build.FThe split-level house was conceived for flat sites.FHabitable space is total living area in the building.TThe general arrangement of the split-level house separates sleeping, living, and recreation areas on different levels.TArchitects must pass an examination to obtain a license to practice.TA long and narrow site allows for limitless construction possibilities.FA structure should appear to stand apart from its surroundings.FOwnership of property is transferred through a title.FA building permit can be obtained at any time during the construction process.FTraffic should be planned through the Jiving room because it is the center of activity.FIn cool climates, a living room placed on the south side of the house can take advantage of winter sun.TDining room décor does not call for adequate lighting.FThe main entry of a house should be functional and visually interesting.TFour-bedroom homes usually have the greatest sales potential.FAn interior door should swing into the room.TLighting is not needed inside closets.FThe straight-line kitchen is generally used in cottages and apartments.TExhaust from the kitchen may be expelled into the attic.FLighting is unimportant in kitchens.FA freestanding garage is detached from a house.TStructural fires are a significant danger to every home.TA smoke detector is a small appliance that gives a loud warning signal when it detects radon in the home.FAn effort to achieve one goal of sustainability often causes a negative impact in other ways.TDwarf walls are built to retain an excavation or embankment.TDirection of floor joists or trusses is not shown on the foundation plan.FFootings are represented on the foundation plan using a hidden lineTContour interval is the vertical distance between two adjacent contoursTA plot plan, landscape plan, and site plan are essentially the same.FThe run of a roof is one-half the clear span.TAn 8: 12 slope is steeper than a 12: 12 slope.FThe finished floor of a house should be at least 6" above the grade.FFootings for most residential structures are made from poured concrete.TComer bracing on frame walls is required by most codes.TA moisture barrier is placed in a concrete slab.FA header is below the window sill plate.FA panel door has a heavy frame around the outside and usually cross members.TOne large window opening will produce less contrast in brightness than several smaller openings.TThere are two types of U stairs.TStringers support a header.FArchitects must pass an examination to obtain an _____ to practice.Licenseare vertical "cuts" or "slices" through the structure that illustrate the type of foundation, wall, and roof construction to be used.Building SectionsIn homes that have a great room, an informal _____ is often used to separate the two apartdividerA minimum space of ______ inches is needed for a wheelchair to pass between furniture and walls or other furniture32Two-story and split level designs are more functional with at least ___ bathsOne and a HalfWalk-in or roll-in ______ are available for wheelchair users.Shower StallsStorage and countertop space can be provided by installing sink cabinets or ___VanitiesThe work triangle is determined by drawing a line from the front-center of the range to the _____ to the sink and back to the range.refrigeratorIn addition to the features normally found on a floor plan, you may also place electrical, heating/cooling, or _________ information on a less complex floor plan.Plumbing__ or symbols, should be used on drawings to indicate construction materials.Hatch patternsShow ____ for all exterior wall features on the wall where they are located.DimensionsA(n) ____ slope is indicated when contours are placed close together.SteepWhen staking out the house location, a surveyor's transit may be used for measuring angles other than __ degrees.90Footings should be excavated at least ____ inches below the average maximum frost penetration depth.sixSidewalks, driveways, footings, and basement floors require one part cement, ___ parts sand, and five parts aggregate.threeThe distance is usually the same from the top of each window and door to the ___FloorBlock forms in ICF construction have hollow cores that are filled with ___Concrete___ windows have two sashes.Double hungWedges are generally used with ____ stringer stairs.HousedDouble-L stairs have ____ 90° tum(s) along the flight.twoPrevents movement of string along a batter board.saw kerfCombination of foundation wall and footing.t-foundationSometimes called a thickened-edge slab.monolithic slab foundationPermanent wood foundation.PWFSupports a portion of the load of the building.bearing wall1,000 pounds.KipA horizontal structural element that supports the load over openings such as windows or doors.LintelThe combination of cement, sand, aggregate, and water.ConcreteContains lime, silica, alumina, iron components, and gypsum.CementStone or gravel.AggregateA concrete finishing tool used in a circular motion to further harden the surface and develop a very smooth finish.TrowelUsed in large areas of concrete to control cracking.Contraction jointsWhat is the actual thickness of an exterior stud wall comprised of I /2" drywall, 2" x 4" studs, 3/4" rigid foam insulation, and 1/2" plywood siding?1/2" + 3-1/2" + 3/4" + 1/2" = 5-1/4"List four features of CADD that reduce design and drafting time to a fraction of that required for manual drafting.Automatic wall generation, repetitive use of symbols, dimensioning features, and elimination of hand lettering.Describe the lines used to represent contours drawn as a result of a survey.A series of long (1" to 2"), thin freehand lines.Name the two advantages of wide overhangs.Wide overhangs protect the sidewall and decrease the frequency of painting.Name the types of lintels generally used in residential building construction.Precast concrete, cast-in-place concrete, lintel blocks, and steel angles.Name the four basic types of foundations.Foundation wall and footing, slab foundation, pier or post foundation, and wood foundation.What are live loads? Give some examples.Live loads are moving or fixed weights that are not structural elements of the house. Examples include furniture, occupants, snow on the roof, and wind.Name the three types of bracing commonly used in frame wall construction.1 x 4 stock, metal strap and plywood sheathing.How are drywall studs used in steel frame structures?They are used for nonbearing interior partitions.List the advantages and disadvantages of pocket doors.The chief advantage is that they require no wall space along the wall when open. The main disadvantage is they cannot be easily installed if outlets or cabinets are planned or the wall space outside the pocket cavity.