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James-Lange theory

the theory that our experience of emotion is our awareness of our physiological responses to emotion-arousing stimuli

Cannon-Nard theory

the theory than an emotion-arousing stimulus simultaneously triggers physiological responses and the subjective experience of emotion

two-factor theory

Schachter-Singer's theory that to experience emotion one must be physically aroused and cognitively label the arousal


a machine, commonly used in attempts to detect lies, that measures several of the physiological responses accompanying emotion

subjective well-being

self-perceived happiness or satisfaction with life

adaptation-level phenomenon

our tendency to form judgements relative to a neutral level defined by our prior experience

relative deprivation

the perception that one is worse off relative to those with whom one compares oneself


response involving physical arousal, expressive behavior, and conscious experience


emotional release

feel-good, do-good phenomenon

people's tendency to be helpful when in a good mood

increase their hostility

employees who have just been laid off are asked questions that encourage them to express hostility toward their employer. Research suggests that this opportunity to vent anger will

right; more

as people experience negative emotions, the __hemisphere of the brain becomes __ electrically active

opponent-process theory

according to the __ of emotion, repetitions of an emotion-arousing event tend to strengthen the experience of only the opposing emotion

emotions; cognition

evidence that people can develop an emotional preference for stimuli to which they have been unknowingly exposed has convinced Robert Zajonc that sometimes __ precedes __

cognitive labels; physical arousal

according to the 2 factor theory, the two basic components of emotions are __ and __

increased; remained almost unchanged

since the 1950s, the spendable income of Americans has __ and their self-reported personal happiness has __


as her professor distributed the mathematics test to the class, Alice's heart started to pound and her palms began to sweat. These physiological reactions were activated by her __ NS

fear can be learned

ever since lupe was scolded and punished by her teacher for misbehaving, lupe has been fearful of being near the teacher. This illustrates that


our most rapid and automatic emotional responses may result from the routing of sensory input from the thalamus directly to the


Joyce and her husband both want to feel and express greater warmth and affection for each other. They would be advised to spend time looking intently at one another's


rabbits fail to react with fear to a signal of impending shock if they have suffered damage to the

lower; relatively difficult

the level of arousal typically associated with optimal performance tends to be __ on tasks that are __

cognitive activity

the cannon-bard theory of emotion places more emphasis on the importance of __ than does the James-Lange theory

best; moderate

performance of a task is typically __ when arousal is __

increasing; decreasing

over the last 25 years, American college freshmen have expressed a(n) __ desire to be wealthy and a(n) __ desire to develop a meaningful life philosophy

adaptation-level principle

best explains why million-dollar lottery winners and paraplegics report similar levels of happiness

more willing to help others

the feel-good, do-good phenomenon refers to the fact that when people feel happy they are


Alexandra's mother told her, "You know you are in love when your heart beats fast and you experience that unique trembling feeling inside." This remark best illustrates the __ theory of emotion

adaptation-level principle

Rannilt was euphoric after learning of her acceptance into the med school of her choice. After a few weeks, however, she feels no emotional excitement when she thinks about her admission to med school. This change in her feelings can best be explained in terms of the


imitating another person's facial expression of emotion is most likely to facilitate


a hormone that increases heart rate, blood pressure, and blood sugar levels in times of emergency

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