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Which is NOT an advantage offered by iron?

It can be heated at lower temperatures.

Which was the first real empire in world history?


Why did the rulers of the Neo-Assyrian military follow the trade routes in their campaigns?

The caravans were an excellent source of booty.

What made possible the Assyrians' conquest of their empire?

Their military organization and technology

In Assyria, the term HUMAN BEINGS referred to

all people of the empire

The text of the Hebrew Bible (old Testament) best reflects the view of

the fifth century BCE preiests who controlled the Temple of Jerusalem.

Because of its lack of land, the Phoenician civilization concentrated on

trade and manufacturing.

Who developed the first alphabetic system of writing?


Why do historians know more about Carthage than they know about the Phoenician homeland?

Roman and Greek records tell more about Carthage than other Phoenician city-states.

Which of the following was NOT one of the internal reasons for the fall of the Assyrian Empire?

The failure of the Assyrian economy when the Phoenicians discovered the secret of making glass

which of the following was NOT one of the external reasons for the fall of the Assyrian Empire?

The kingdom of Israel waged a successful campaign against the Assyrians.

Textile production has generally been the preserve of women because

it was possible to care for children and spin or weave at the same time.

How many murex snails does it take to produce one gram of purple dye?

nine thousand

How did Egyptian officials respond to Hatsheput's rule?

Some were opposed to the concept of having a woman as a ruler

What was Akhenaten's motivation in modifying the Egyptian religion to emphasize the primacy of aten (the sun)?

he was attempting to reassert the superiority of the pharaoh and to renew belief in his own divinity.

Ramesses II, the greatest monarch of the Ramessides dynasty is an important figure in archaeological records because

he undertook monumental building projects

What was the source of the rivalry between Egypt and the Hittite Kingdom?

Control of the trade routes in Syria-Palestine, the region lying between them

Which of the following did NOT encourage the inhabitants of the Aegean islands to commence seafaring?

Frequent flooding of their farmlands

Cultural uniformity among early Greeks is best explained by

extensive contacts and commerce among the various Greek kingdoms

The plot of the Iliad revolves around

the difficulties Agamemmon has in asserting control over other Greek leaders.

The annihilation of the major trading partners and the disruption of trade routes

helped bring about the end of Mycenaen civilization, thus illustrating the degree to which the major centers of the Late Bronze Age were interdependent.

The ______ capital of Ashur was the leading urban center on the norther Trigis.


Around 1640 bce Egypt came under control of the ________


In 1323 bce _________ established a new Egyptian dynasty.

Ramesses II

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