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  1. double covalent bond
  2. cation
  3. hydrogen bond
  4. polar covalent bond
  5. ionic bond
  1. a one atom is more electronegative than another
  2. b sharing two pairs of valence electrons
  3. c hydrogen atom covalently bonded to one electronegative atom is also attraced to another electronegative atom
  4. d two ions of opposite charge
  5. e positively charged ion

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  1. one in which the nucleus decays spontaneously, giving off particles and energy
  2. represents both atoms and bonding
  3. atoms that have more neutrons than other atoms of the same element and therefore weigh more
  4. mass of an atom
  5. attraction of an atom for the electrons

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  1. molecular formulafurther abbreviated formula


  2. energyability to do work


  3. mattersmallest unit of matter that still retains the properties of an element


  4. ionnegatively charged ion


  5. chemical bondtwo ions of opposite charge