EPISODE 17 No Word Is An Island (1 of 2)

tie something in with something else
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fare better/fare worseIf you ________ than someone else you are more successful than them and if you _________ than them you are less successful than them.set great/considerable store by somethingformal: consider something to be important or valuablelivelihoodthe way you earn money in order to liveoperate or compete on a level playing fieldwork together or compete under fair conditions in which no one has an unfair advantagebe besieged bybe surrounded by people or things that make you feel like you're under attackresentmenta feeling of anger because something has happened that you think is unfairat the expense ofcausing harm or damage to someone or somethingfeel torn about somethingfinding it difficult to choose between two possibilities, synonym: ambivalenta modern-day ______used to describe someone or something existing in the present time that is similar to someone or something from the pastfar-flungvery distantget away withnot be caught or punished when you have done something wrongpick uplearn something by watching or listening to other people and not through formal, academic study