EPISODE 17 No Word Is An Island (2 of 2)

hardly blame
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strike upIt's increasingly common for people to _______ new friendships online.livelihoodsOwners of small shops are worried that online shopping is quickly destroying their ________ as they cannot compete with online vendors that benefit from economies of scale.far-flungThanks to aviation we can now reach the most _______ corners of the planet in a matter of hours.get away withMany large companies _________ paying surprisingly little corporate tax.picked it upEveryone is impressed by Charlotte's excellent command of German. Surprisingly she's never studied it a day in her life - she just _________ by talking to her Austrian girlfriend.devoteBroadly speaking the more time you _______ to a skill the better you get.struck upOn his flight to Paris George ________ a conversation with the woman next to him. Little did he know that they would end up getting married!fare betterOn average students who are well-rested _______ in exams than those who are tired.an excellent commandBeing a translator requires that you have __________ of the languages you work with.tie it inIf our product is reviewed in a magazine, we try to ______ with an advert placed in the same publication.set great/considerable store byEmployers ____________ communication skills because they know how important they are for their bottom line.