Engineering Final Review

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Project Constraintsspecific factors that can limit options for a designerPerson who works for the developer whose main tasks are to create the structure of the game and dream up great interactions within the game; generically, almost everyone who works on a design team.Systems ThinkingProcess for understanding how independent units work within a larger entity to interact and influence one another.Problem SolverThe main job of any engineer.AvatarThe digital representation of a physical person in a virtual world or game.DaVinciwas sculptor, painter, architect, inventor, and mathematician that invented the self supporting bridge.platformer perspectiveThe view of the game is from the side. Here, the player can see sprites perspectiveThe game is presented in an overhead view, or bird's eye view, as if the player was seeing the game from above.civil engineerAn engineer trained in the design and construction of public works, such as bridges or dams, and other large facilities.mechanical engineerthe branch of engineering dealing with the design, construction, and use of machines.