Engl 201 midterm quotes

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"Means there will come to you a strong one, / A companion who rescues a friend. [...] He will be mighty and rescue you, time and again."
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"Here Behold all the universe, beings moving and motionless, standing as one in my body, and all else that you wish to see!"Lord Krishna"The embodied one passes through childhood, youth, and then old age, then attains another body; in this the wise are undeceived."Lord Krishna"But this, I think, may not be difficult, men of Athens, to escape death, but it is far more difficult to escape wickedness; for it runs swifter than death."Plato, speaking as Socrates"For if you imagine that by putting men to death you will stop anyone from reproaching you for not living rightly, 'you are mistaken; for that method of escape is neither altogether possible nor honourable."Plato, speaking as Socrates"But if on the other hand death is like going a journey from here to another place, and what is said is true, namely that all the dead are there, what greater blessing could there be than this, my judges?"Plato, speaking as Socrates"And, first of all, he would most easily perceive shadows, afterwards the images of men and other things in water, and after that the things themselves. And with reference to these things, he would more easily see the things in the heavens, and the heavens themselves, looking in the nighttime to the light of the stars and the moon, than by day, looking on the sun and the light of the sun"Plato, speaking as Socrates"In the intellectual world the idea of the good is most remote, and scarcely to be seen; but if it be seen, it is to be deemed as indeed the cause to all of all things bright and beautiful, generating in the visible world light..."Plato, speaking as Socrates"And should he now again be obliged to give his opinion of those shadows, and to dispute about them with those who are there eternally chained, whilst yet his eyes were dazzled...?"Plato, speaking as Socrates