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the first colony in america; set up in 1607 along the James river in virginia.

indentured servents

a colonist whoo recived free passage to north america in exchange for working without pay for a certain number of years.

Bacon's Rebellion

an attack led by Nathaniel Bacon against American Indians and the colonial government in Virginia

Toleration act of 1649

a Maryland law that made restricting the religious of Christians a crime; The first law gauranteing religious freedom to be passed in America.

slave codes

laws passed in the colonies to control slaves


Protestants who wanted to reform the Church of England


a member of a puritan separitist sect thst left England in the early 1600's to settle in the America's.

Mayflower Compact

(1620)a document written by the Pilgrims establishing themselves as a political society and setting guidelines for self-government.

Anne Huthinson

publicly discussed religious ideas that some leaders thought werew radical.


society of friends; protestant sect founded in 1640s in england whose members believed that salvation was available to all people

staple crops

crops that are continuously in demand

cash crops

what the colonists sold

English Bill of Rights

a shift of political power from the british monarchy to parliament

Great Awakening

a religious movement that became widespread in the American colonies in the 1730s and 1740s


(c.1720-1769) Ottawa chief who united
the Great Lakes' Indians to
try to halt the advance of
European settlements, he
attacked British forts in a
rebellion known as Pontiac's
Rebellion; he eventually
surrendered in 1766.

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