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What was the Cold War?
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The Korean War was fought during what years?1950-1953What U.S. five star general led the UN troops in Korea?Genera Douglas MacArthurWhy was MacArthur relieved of his command?He wanted to invade China for helping North Korea President Truman wouldn't let him MacArthur was openly critical of the PresidentHow did the Korean War end?With a truce and a separation drawn between North Korea and South Korea at the 38th parallelWho brought communism to Cuba in 1959?Fidel CastroDescribe what happened in the Cuban Missile CrisisThe USSR put nuclear missiles in Cuba The US blockaded Cuba and negotiated a settlement The USSR removed the missilesWho was the elected president of North Vietnam in 1956?Ho Chi MinhWho was the elected president of South Vietnam in 1956?Ngo Dinh DiemWhat were the pro-Communist South Vietnamese called?Viet CongPresident Eisenhower sent 2000 military advisers to help in Vietnam, explaining his decision with the Domino Theory. What was the Domino Theory?If one falls to Communism, the neighboring countries will soon follow.What event was used by President Johnson to defend a massive increase in troops in Vietnam?Gulf of Tonkin incidentWhat event in January of 1968 turned many Americans against our involvement in Vietnam?The Tet OffensiveWhat was the Gulf of Tonkin incident?When an American destroyer was fired on by North Vietnamese PT boatsWhat was the Tet Offensive?When the Viet Cong launched major coordinated attacks in South Vietnam on the Tet holidayWhy was the Vietnam War so difficult?1. It was not a clear-cut war between two countries 2. Supplies for the Communists came from North Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia 3. The South Vietnamese government was corrupt and undemocratic 4. We were fighting a limited, defensive war 5. The public was violently opposed to the warWhat event prompted the U.S to pass the National Defense Education Act?the launching of Sputnik by the USSRWhat organization of skilled volunteers was organized by the Kennedy administration to go and help other countries?Peace CorpsWhat happened in Vietnam after the U.S. pulled out?North Vietnam took over South VietnamWhat was Congress' response to the fall of Vietnam to communism?They refused to do anything