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  1. Chang Jiang
  2. Royal Tombs
  3. Mandate of Heaven
  4. Aryans
  5. Sudras
  1. a They found hundreds of bronze containers, ivory statues, and other valuable objects.
  2. b servants and the not so good
  3. c A Sanskrit word meaning "noble"
  4. d The longest river in Asia, flowing through eastern China.
  5. e The gods would support a just ruler, but now allow an unjust ruler to keep control, the reason Shang Dynasty was overthrown

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  1. fewest, priests, and teachers
  2. Believed their ancestors influenced everyday life. Made offerings to ancestors in order keep them happy. If ancestors were happy then they would give good fortune. Sought advice of ancestors through use of oracle bones.
  3. During summer months monsoon winds bring warm air and moisture up from Indian Ocean
  4. a major river of Asia in northern China
  5. Common folk

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  1. RajasLeaders of a particular region- war leader


  2. Yin and YangThe longest river in Asia, flowing through eastern China.


  3. CourtWealthy folks who protected the kingdom


  4. UntouchablesBottom members of society, not part of caste systems


  5. Dynastic CycleThe rise and fall of dynasties, a dynasty that fails was corrupt, through the "will of the gods" the new dynasty would arise