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  1. Castes
  2. Sudras
  3. Mandate of Heaven
  4. Rajas
  5. Brahimins
  1. a fewest, priests, and teachers
  2. b The gods would support a just ruler, but now allow an unjust ruler to keep control, the reason Shang Dynasty was overthrown
  3. c servants and the not so good
  4. d Determined what jobs a person could have and whom one could marry, VERY STRICT, social hierarchy
  5. e Leaders of a particular region- war leader

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  1. A Sanskrit word meaning "noble"
  2. They found hundreds of bronze containers, ivory statues, and other valuable objects.
  3. Born around 550 BC, was a teacher and older help many positions in the government, started Confucianism, wrote book called the Analects
  4. The longest river in Asia, flowing through eastern China.
  5. The balancing act of nature, don't have one without the other, everything must be in balance for things to go smoothly

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  1. Kshatriyaswarriors and rulers


  2. VarnasFour main social classes


  3. Huang He (Yellow River)a major river of Asia in northern China


  4. MonsoonsDuring summer months monsoon winds bring warm air and moisture up from Indian Ocean


  5. LaoziLeaders of a particular region- war leader