Development and Characteristics of Learners

Specific Learning Disability (SLD)
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Physical DisabilityAny disability that limits gross mobility and prevents normal body movementIntervention for Physical DisabilityStudents with physical disabilities require early intervention before grade school. Children may receive interventions and related services if they qualify for Special education and receive an IEP or a 504DyslexiaA permanent condition that makes it difficult for people to read. It affects reading accuracy, fluency, and comprehension. Difficulties with phonemic awareness skills and decodingDysgraphiaA disorder that causes issues with written expression. Difficult to distinguish shapes, use correct letter spacing, read maps, copy text, and understand spelling rulesSpectrum Disordercharacteristics associated with the disability vary depending on the studentBehavior Issues for Students with Autismdelayed or different speech patterns, the inability to understand body language or facial expressions, and the inability to exhibit appropriate speech patterns, body language, or facial expressionsBehavior Issues for Students with Autism in the Classroomrepetitive behaviors such as hand flapping or making vocalizations. preoccupation with doing activities, tasks, or routines in certain waysEffect of hearing loss on language developmenttrouble learning abstract vocabulary like since and before, omit article words in sentences like a and an, fall behind on core components of learning and development without early interventions, difficulty speaking in and or understanding sentences, speak in shorter sentences, have difficulty including word endings, have issues speaking clearly because they cannot accurately hear sounds, omit quiet sounds like p,-sh, and -f, and be unable to hear what their own voices sound like.Hearing TestInterventions such as sign language can be introduced to promote school and life success for children with hearing lossReceptive Language DisorderChildren cannot perceive meaning from what they hear