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  1. three conditions are present when fraud occurs: a pressure, an opportunity, and a rationalization
  2. intentional or reckless conduct, whether by act or omission, that results in materially misleading financial statement
  3. illegally using, copying, browsing, searching, or harming company data
  4. the simplest and most common way to commit a computer fraud is to alter or falsify computer input
  5. data a website stores on your computer to identify the website to your computer so that you do not have to log on each time you visit the site
  6. includes unauthorized system use, including the theft of computer time and services

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  1. pressuregaining an unfair advantage over another person. legally, there must be: 1) a false statement, representation, or disclosure 2) a material fact, which is something that induces a person to act 3) an intent to deceive 4) a justifiable reliance; that is, the person relies on the misrepresentation to take an action 5) an injury or loss suffered by the victim


  2. computer instructions fraudany fraud that requires computer technology knowledge to perpetrate, investigate, or prosecute it


  3. output fraudunless properly safeguarded, displayed or printed output can be stolen, copied or misused


  4. rationalizationallows perpetrators to justify their illegal behavior


  5. misappropriation of assetsnatural and political disasters, software errors and equipment malfunctions, unintentional acts, intentional acts (computer crimes)


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