Week 9 Quiz (Chapters 11 -12)

Death is the permanent ending of all biological functions that sustain a living organism.

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According to the UDDA, one of the determinations of death is

a) irreversible interruption of circulatory and respiratory functions.
b) irreversible interruption of brain activity and respiratory functions.
c) irreversible interruption of brain activity and circulatory functions.
d) irreversible interruption of circulatory and heart functions.
This Act states that all patients have the right to create a living will. a) Patient Self-Determination Act b) The Right to Die Act c) Advance Directive Act d) Uniform Rights of the Terminally Ill ActUniform Rights of the Terminally Ill ActEuthanasia means a) ending a life to get rid of someone. b) ending life unintentionally. c) ending life intentionally to relieve pain. d) premeditated murder.ending life intentionally to relieve pain.Which of the following is a technique in alternative dispute resolution? a) Negotiation b) Mediation c) Arbitration d) All of the optionsIn 2008, the Joint Commission identified that the lack of _____ skills was the root cause for disruptive behavior. a) communication b) conflict management c) verbal d) negotiationconflict managementAnger is the third stage of grief. a) true b) falseFalsePersonal conduct, whether verbal or physical, that affects patient care negatively is called a) competing. b) negative conflict. c) disruptive behavior. d) nonaccommodating.disruptive behaviorIf a patient wants to donate organs, they must donate their entire body. a) true b) falseFalseIf a patient is unable to accept his or her condition is terminal, this is considered the ____ stage of death. a) denial b) anger c) bargaining d) depressiondenialWhat accrediting organization requires healthcare organizations to establish policies and procedures for conflict management? a) The Joint Commission b) American Medical Association c) OSHA d) AHIMAThe Joint CommissionThis document allows an individual to make bank transactions and write checks to pay the bills while an individual is medically incapacitated. a) Durable power of attorney b) Living will c) Healthcare proxy d) Do not resuscitateDurable power of attorneyWhich is not one of the usual stages of mediation? a) Identification of party's interests b) Submission of documents to a court for approval c) Information gathering d) Negotiation and selection of appropriate resolutionSubmission of documents to a court for approvalThe development of formal ethics committees in hospitals and the development of advance health directives arose out of whose court case? a) Nancy Cruzan b) Terri Schiavo c) Karen Ann Quinlan d) All of the optionsKaren Ann QuinlanA physician really needs the day off for an important family event, and always works for other physicians when they need to be out of the office. No other physician in the practice will work for him, so he misses his family event. What type of conflict behavioral style is this? a) Competing b) Accommodating c) Avoiding d) CompromisingAccommodatingThe process by which a neutral third party facilitates dispute resolution is called a) mediation. b) negotiation. c) arbitration. d) communication.mediationWhen you are thinking about a conflict and your inner voice is talking to yourself, what type of conflict response is this? a) Emotional response b) Cognitive response c) Physical response d) Positive responseCognitive response