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Ch 9 Pt. 2


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fibrous capsule
provides both flexibility and and tensile strength
dense regular connective tissue that attaches bone to bone
parallel fibers in some fibrous capsules; bind bones together
synovial fluid
secretion of synovial membranes that lubricates joints and nourishes articular cartilage.
synovial fluid
with with the consistency of uncooked egg white or oil, it lubricates the joint and nourishes the avascular articular cartilage
synovial fluid
contains phagocytes that remove debris and microbes from joint
synovial membrane
the deeper of the 2 membrane of the articular capsule of the synovial joint, composed of areolar connective tissue that secretes synovial fluid into the synovial (joint) cavity
articular capsule
sleevelike structure around a synovical joint composed of a fibrous capsule and synovial membrane
articular cartilage
hyaline cartilage attached to articular bones surfaces
articular cartilage
hyaline cartilage that covers ends of articulating bones but does not bind them together
snyovial membrane
connective tissue membrane that lines synovial cavity and secretes synovial fluid
fibrous capsule and synovial membrane
together these form the articular capsule
articular cartilage, fibrous capsule, and ligaments
structures that are more flexible than usual in persons who are "double-jointed"
decrease in angle b/w anterior surfaces of bones (or b/w posterior surfaces at knee and toe joints)
simplest kind of movement that can occur at joint; no angular or rotary motion involved; examples: ribs moving against vertebrae
state of entire body when it is in anatomical position
movement away from the midline of the body
movement of a bone around its own axis
position of foot when heel is on the floor and rest of foot is raised
movement at your shoulder joint
stand in anatomical position (palm forward). Turn your palms backward. This action is called ___________
move your fingers from "fingers together" to "fingers apart" this action is __________ of fingers
raise your shoulders, as if to shrug them. This movement is called ___________ of the shoulders
Plantar Flexion
stand on your toes. This action at the ankle joint is called __________
grasp a ball in your hand. Your fingers are perfoming a type of movement called_________
thrust your jaw outward gently. This action is ____________ of the mandible
move your thumb across your palm to touch your fingertips.__________