12 terms

psych ch. 3 part 1

cells in the nervous system that communicate with one another to perform information-processing tasks
cell body
the part of the neuron that coordinates information-processing tasks and keeps the cell alive
the part of the neuron that receives info from other neurons and relays it to the cell body
the part of the neuron that transmits info to other neurons, muscles, or glands
myelin sheath
an insulating layer of fatty material
glial cells
support cells found in the nervous system
sensory neurons
neurons that receive info form the external world and convey this info to the brain via the spinal cord
motor neurons
neurons that carry signals from the spinal cord to the muscles to produce movement
neurons that connect sensory neurons or other interneurons
resting potential
the difference in electric charge between the inside and outside of a neuron's cell membrane
action potential
an electric signal that is conducted along a neuron's axon to a synapse
refractory period
the time following an action potential during which a new action potential cannot be initiated