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criterion (ie: syntactical criterion)



main subject of sentence

intransitive verb

verbs that do not take an object


word that modifies the head (or main subject)


limit, describe, restrict

morphological criterion

what class of word the word is

noun marker

function words that precede nouns

noun modifier

noun in a modifier slot


positions in a sentence

syntactical criterion

word order

transitive verb

verbs that have an object following them


Greek origin ("art of transmuting materials"); those who practice the medieval forerunner of chemistry, which was based on the supposed transformation of matter


Greek origin ("place of demons"); wild and noisy disorder or confusion; uproar


Latin origin ("luna" = "moon" belief that changes in the moon caused periodic insanity); mentally ill person (not technical)


Sanskrit origin ("five" or "five kinds of"); drink with juice, soda, spice and sometimes liquor


Latin origin ("taken as a tenth" or Old English "kill one of every ten"); drastically reduce the strength of something


disorderly retreat

pro tempore

for the time being, temporarily

ex officio

by virtue of an office or position

magnum opus

a great work of art or literature

persona non grata

an unwelcome person; used to describe recalled diplomatic officials

ex cathedra

with authority

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