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Woody Plants walk at BYU

Gymnocladus dioicus

Kentucky Coffee Tree

Physocarpus opulifolius

Eastern Ninebark

Fagus sylvatica 'Tortuosa'

Weeping Birch
(Contorted Beech, Parasol Beech)

Hedera helix

English Ivy

Forsythia x intermedia

(Golden Bells)

Prunus x cistena

Purple-leaf Sand Cherry

Spiraea x bumalda 'Anthony waterer'

Anthony Waterer Spirea

Liquidamber styraciflua

American Sweetgum

Acer pseudoplatanus

Sycamore Maple

Acer griseum

Paperbark Maple

Morus alba

White Mulberry
(Common Mulberry)

Tilia americana

American Linden

Gleditsia triacanthos inermis

Thornless Honeylocust

Malus sargentii

Sargent Crabapple

Aesculus x carnea

Ruby Horse Chestnut

Cotoneaster acutifolia

Peking Cotoneaster

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