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wealthiest people?

northern merchants,southern planters

what happened from 1690s-1770s

growth of more stratified society between rich and poor

how did indentured servants fill labor shortage besides slaves

indentured servants

what squashed feudal aristocracy

availability of land

what did MD have tht carolina didnt


Ideal gov't

idea of deference held society togetherin mixed govt

how did wealth in americas differ from europe

result of land ownership rather than exclusively family backround

population in 1775

50% under 16-encouraged revolution, not enough jobs

largest non-english immgrant white group

Scots,Irish and Scot-Irish

what caused larrge importation of slaves

Bacon's Rebellion- indentured servants to slaves


suffered from sever drought during early years

what was most important social ritual

church attendence

differnces in women in Euro vs Native culture

European women had little rights, Native women had more power

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