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Disobedience to authority is called:
The mental and emotional condition, enthusiasm, loyalty, or confidence of an individual or group with regard to the function or tasks at hand is called:
To intentionally put off doing something that should be done is to:
a rumor
Talk, widely disseminated opinion with no discernible source, or a statement that is not known to be true is called:
Deciding which tasks are most important is called:
Faithfulness or allegiance to a cause, ideal, custom, institution, or product is called:
should be done today
A task that is noted as a B priority:
an errand
A task that is noted as an E priority is probably:
taking initiative
When medical assistants look for the opportunity to help and assist others, they are said to be:
When medical assistants are able to adapt to various situations, they are considered to be:
a good attitude
Probably the most important asset a medical assistant can offer the employer is:
something suggested by a word or thing
A connotation is:
can be positive
Office politics:
go the person with whom he or she has an issue
If a medical assistant has a conflict with a co-worker, he or she should first:
All of the above
Confidentiality is important because:
Which is one of the most common physical places in which confidentiality is breached?
Corresponding in size, amount, extent, or degree and equal in measure is the definition for:
student medical assistants are naturally professional on the externship even if they are not professional at school.
Which of the following statement about professionalism is not ture?
All of the above
Note taking can help the medical assistant to :
what we think
Which is not likely to be one of the factors that influence the first impression we make on others?
celebrating should be delayed until the last goal is reached
Which of the following statement is not ture regarding goal setting?
Which of the following is not the role of the medical assistant in communicating with patients?
Which of the following is not one of the stages of grief?
honestly examine and evaluate your own personal prejudices
What is the first step to avoid prejudice when dealing with individuals?
understans what is being said
The principal reason for requesting feedback when communicating with patients is to determine whether they:
Noverbal communication
Which aspect of our communication is most likely to convey our true feelings and beliefs?
patients are more likely to bring lawsuits than in the past
What is meant by the "litigious nature of today's society"?
are in a hurry
The principal message that you will give an American patient if you avoid eye contact while communicating is that you:
they are less significant then verbal communication
Which statement is false with regard to the interpretation of gestures and body language that you may encounter among the patients in a medical setting?
The defense mechanism in which unwanted desiresor impulses are excluded from the consciousness and left to operate in the unconscious is called:
Something that is difficult to understand or perceive is:
Verbal expressions or body language, such as a nod of understanding, are called:
All of the above
Even when two people are speaking at the same time, various channels of communication are used, such as:
A lack of feeling, emotion, interest, or concern is a defense mechanism called:
The psychologic defense mechanism in which confrontation with reality is avoided by denying the existence of the problem or reality is called:
external noise
Sounds or factors outside the brain that interfere with the communication process are called:
That which advances beyond the usual or proper limits is called:
let the patients leave without reasonable assurance they are safe
When patients cry, the medical assistant should never:
All of the above
If a patient hesitates when speaking, they might:
Verbal aggression
When patients verbally attack someone without
addressing the original complaint, they are using which mechanism?
1 1/2 to 4 feet
Personal space ranges from:
the patient who cannot think or move
Which of the following patients is probably in shock?
food and shelter
The needs we have as humans, at the most basic level, include:
The stage in Maslow's hierarchy of needs in which we maximize our potential is:
Pleasers are people who are most likely looking for:
Dreaming occurs during which stage of sleep?
We are able to control two things in life: our attitude and our:
Procrastination is often a symptom of the fear of:
A person who approaches sensitive subjects in an attempt to get even or hurt another person is labeled a:
pseudo accommodator
A person who refuses to face a conflict either by giving in or by pretending nothing is wrong is labeled as a(n):
contract tyrannizer
A person who will not allow relationships to change from the way they once were is labeled as a:
A person who attacks other parts of a partner's life, instead of expressing the feelings about the object of dissatisfaction, is labeled as a:
A standard mental picture that is held in common by members of a group and that represents an oversimplified opinion, prejudiced attitude, or uncritical judgment is called a:
refer the patient to the physician for advice
If the patient asks the medical assistant what the medical assistant would do in a similar medical situation, the medical assistant should:
when the patient expresses romantic interest in the medical assistant
At which time or in which instance is it not appropriate to touch the patient?