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Fat Soluble Vit


fat soluble vit
Vit A

-eye health
-sources= dairy, egg, organ meat, deep orange & yellow fruits & veg
-women on BCP can have increased vit A levels

H2O Soluble Vit

- B&C

h2o soluble
Vit B1-Thiamine

-ETOH pt are deficient
-"banana bag"=put IV fluids, turn yellow
-"rally packs"

h2o soluble
Vit B2-Riboflavin

-metabolism of protein, fats & carbs
-BCP decreased levels
-turns urine deep yellow

h2o soluble
Vit B3-Niacin

-flushing is expected reaction (face & neck turns bright red), to prevent take Aspirin or NSAID
-used for elevated cholesterol

h2o soluble
Vit B6 Pytidoxine

-deficiency can happen to elderly
-s/s=Malaise(body weakness,distress, discomfort), nervousness, irritability, difficulty walking
-increase doses=neurotoxicity, ataxia(uncoordinated movement), numb feet, clumsiness
-sources= yeast, wheat, corn, eggs, organs, muscle meats

h2o soluble
Vit B9-Folic Acid

-needed for erythropoiesis(RBC formation)
-recommended for women trying to get pregnant (to prevent NTD=neural tube defect=spinal bifida)
-sources=GLV, yeast, organ meats

h2o soluble
Vit B12

-deficiency=pernicious anemia (bright red)

h2o soluble
Vit C

-protects Vit A&E
-acts as antioxidant, aids wound healing

fat soluble
Vit D

-promotes movement of Ca & P in bone=to absorb
-kidneys=to hang on to it
-sm intestines=absorbs out
-sources=milk, supplements, sunshine

h2o soluble
Vit E Antioxidant

-lease toxic of fat soluble vit
-sources=GLV, wheat germ, veg oils

h2o soluble
Vit K

-needed for clot formation
-ROA=SQ or IM as med
-Sources=GLV, Liver
-Antidote for coumadin

Ca- Calcium

-bones, teeth, muscles, blood clots, nerotransmitters, muscle contraction
-sources=dairy products, canned sardines, salmon, GLV

Fl - Flouride

-decrease caries=cavities
-don't rinse, eat or drink for 30 min after tx
-don't really need because city H2O has it in it

Fe - Iron

-deficiency leads to anemia
-s/s of anemia=fatigue, pale, SOB- decrease O2
-take on empty stomach w/ OJ for better absorption
-if liquid=dilute and use straw (to avoid stained teeth, blk)
-sources=meat, fish, dried fish
-supplements cause stool to be dark green or blk
-check occult stool

Mg - Magnesium

-sources=meat, milk, F & V
-deficiency leads to decreased cardiac func.
-dysrhythmias-VT=ventricular tachycardia
-need for healthy heart

Mn - Manganese

-*tea, cloves (riches sources)
*nuts, whole grains

K - Potassium

-cardiac func. muscles, nerves
-used prophylactically for pts on loop diuretics (like Lasix)
-Digitalis toxicity or decreased dietary intake
-sources=potatoes, citrus fruits, GLV
-pill form, can crush or give as liquid form

Zn - Zinc

-growth & tissue repair wound healing



Na - Sodium

-usually too much in body

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