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If you need to know some dinosaurs, come here!
It was 49ft. long, weighed 4 tons and had a bite force of
50,000lbs! It lived 79-65 millon years ago.
It was 7-10 feet long, eighed 100 pounds and ran up to 50 miles per hour. It lived 100-70 million years ago.
It was 20 ft long, 20 ft tall, and had 15ft claws. It weighed 2 tons. It lived 125-97 million years ago.
It was the largest carnivore, being 60ft long. It was 10 tons. It lived 150-75 million years ago
It was one of the earliest dinosaurs discovered. It was 30 ft long, and was 1.5 tons. They lived 175-100 million years ago.
It was the most recent dinosaur discovered, being discovered in 2005. It was 2-3 ft long. It lived 225-195 million years ago.
It is the smallest dinosaur being only 2 ft long. It was 10 lbs, and lived 225-200 million years ago.
It was the only dinosaur that ever flew. It was 3ft long. It ruled 155-65 million years ago.
It was the only bird-like dinosaur. It was thought to be the connection between birds and dinosaurs. It was 3ft long. It was 5lbs. It lived all throughout the Messonic period.
It was the most famous dinosaur that had a spiked tail. It was 35 ft long, and was 5 tons. It lived throughout the Jurassic Period, living from 150-125 million years ago.
It had a crocodile-like mouth, and had a dangerously hooked claw. It was 35ft long. It ruled from 179-71 million years ago.
It had two forward facing horns and had a short muzzle. It was 39 ft long, and lived from 150-70 million years ago.
It was the largest of the Dromeosauriods, being 29ft long, and weighing 1750 pounds. It ran up to speeds of 70 miles per hour. It lived all throughout the Creteasious Poriod
It was Earth's longest dinosaur, being 120ft long. It's main defense was its long whip-like tail. It was 50 tons. It lived all throughout the Jurrasic Period.
It was thought to be the only tyrannosauriod bigger that T-rex itself. Until Sue was discovered, it was larger than Tyrannosaurus-rex. It was 50 ft long, and was 6 tons. It isn't known when this dinosaur existed.
It was the only dinosaur that was found in Antarctica. It was known for thick sacles and distinctively large crests. It was 40 ft long and lived throughout the Jurrasic and Creteacious periods
It is the most known head-butting dinosaur, and was 35ft long. It was one of the fastest herbivores, running up to 45 mph. It was one of the last dinosaurs to actully exist on Earth.
It was the only dinosaur that spat acid stored in the back of its throat.It was 16ft long and lived throughout the Jurrasic Period.
It was one of the smallest tyrannosauriods. Only being 30 ft long. It was the only tyrannosauriod to live in the Jurrasic Period.
It was the closest relitive to the Dilophosaurus, but it only had one crest, not two. It was 20 ft long, and it ruled the whole Jurrasic Period.
It was one of Therizinosaurus's cousins,but being only 10ft tall, 15ft long, and hat 5ft claws
This large dinosaur was only found in Utah,USA.It is 15ft long, and was 1,000 lbs.
This small plisiosauriod was only foung in the lakes in southern Asia. It was 23ft long. It's weight was unknown.
This dinosaur was the only dinosaur that spent most of its life on the beachs of Africa. It was 26ft long.
This was the closest relitive of Spinosaurus, but it had a very small sail. It's mouth was half of its body lengh. It was 36 ft long.
This is one of the most known dinosaurs from the Jurrasic Period. It was one of the only large dinosaurs to hunt in packs. It was 26ft long and was 2.5tons.
It had 3 small horns and also had a short muzzle. It was the only carnivorous dinosaur that had three horns. It was the smallest allosauriod
It is the main raptor that makes the group dromeosauriod. A group or small dinosaurs considered as raptors. It lived throughout the Jurrasic and Creteacious
A very strange raptor that didn't have a large claw on its foot, but it was on its middle finger. It was 15ftlong, but it's weight and time periods are unknown
This Japanese relitive of the Tyrannosaurus only had one crest and was 16ft long. It lived in the Jurrasic Period.
It is a dinosaur found in Germany that had 5ft spines on its back, which are really just part of the spine. It lived durring the Early Cretaceous Period.
It is a middle sized piscavore that was discovered in North America. It was thought to be a tyrannosauriod, but it was a ceolosaur.[or the smallest type of dinosaur]
It is the largest dinosaur that looked like Hypsilodon. Even though it was 4ft tall, and 8ft long. It lived during the Late Jurrasic. It was found in all continents bsides Africa and Antarctica.
It is most agile and another of the smallest of T-rex's cousions, it is also found in China. It is 8ft tall, and is 16ft long.