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This is a quick set of Quizlet vocabulary that will help you improve your grade on your Chapter 3 test. This exercise DOES NOT take the place of good notes, competing your guided notes assignment and paying attention in my class

Market Economy

An economic system that gives great freedom to its citizens. Also known as capitalism. The public market determines the prices people pay for goods and services

command economy

An economic system that gives very little freedom to its citizens. The government controls prices and amount of goods that are produced in a country. Nearly all command economies are located in authoritarian countries

traditional economy

In certain less developed countries, nearly all goods and services are produced and consumed by families or by the local village inhabitants


a form of government in which citizens choose their leaders in a free and open way


Queens, kings, Shahs, Pharoahs. Any government that is run by a person "born into" the role of national leader.


the most extreme form of dictatorship in which the government tries to control every part of society


Authoritarian rule of a country is concentrted in a small group or a single person as in Germany of the 1930s-1940s


Most leaders held all the power until the advent of more democratic governments in the 1770s (U.S.)


smaller political units (states) in a larger country give only limited rights to the central government


Not in Star Trek. Some powers given to the state governments. Some powers given to the national government. Our present type of government in the U.S. (federated republic)

unitary system

If one central government runs the system for the entire nation, it is called a unitary system of government


A nation's freedom from outside control


not relying on anyone, any other country or system


coming to an agreement by talking or meeting with another party or country over an issue


tlhe inhabitants of a country


Some powers are RESERVED to states and some powers are RESERVED to the national government. The U.S. operates under this system of government

state rights

Rights that are granted, reserved and guaranteed to the states in a federal system of governmentunitary


If one central goverment runs a nation


Representatives are elected to represent the population in this form of government


Personal ownership in or belonging to a nation.

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